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This happy-go-lucky project called Promote Your Idea Or App has been created to communicate an idea, the launching of an app or a new service of your company. With a bold design, has been developed to add images and re type what you need in a very simple way.
Perfect for photography portfolios, fashion and glamor videos, band or singers music videos.
Sunshine Titles is a cheerful typographic video template using unique, rainbow effect animated text over clean white, illustrated backgrounds.
Create the perfect upbeat video message with Spliced Angular Slideshow – vertically scrolling and sliding panels with angled energy! It’s great for energetic corporate openers, exciting YouTube channel intro sequences or snappy gallery showcases. This After Effects template is clean and simple in structure yet contains a variety of attractive slide designs to keep your audience engaged. Carmageddon was a smash-hit in the late 90's (mostly because of its extensive banning and censoring around the world), though my introduction to the game, sadly, was the god-awful Nintendo 64 port released in 2000.
After the first 24 hours of its release, the PROMO version of the game will be removed from Google Play and will no longer be available. It is a bit lame, yes, but they're absolutely correct - it'd be difficult to do this any other way.
Because offering the base of the game for free and the premium portion as an In App Purchase would just be stupid.
I think free IAPs are allowed (though I've never worked with them, so I could be mistaken).
Releasing different "proper" versions of apps and getting them to the target market segment is a tricky business; many Android developers have found that out the hard way. I played few rounds and first thing, well except for lacking Iron Maiden was how 90s the game feels like. It's an inelegant solution, but they're giving you free access to the game the best way they could figure.
To try to look at it from the bright side, we've all wished that Google would offer us a longer period to try a game out and decide whether it's worth the money or not. They could have offered it for a penny or 10 cents rather than free, then go full price, would have been better.
The minimum price on Google Play is $1 unless Google has a special promotion that allows lower prices. It really isn't hard to do a limited-release free app for 24 hours, in addition to a paid app. Step 3: When an update needs to be made, publish an update to the paid app, rename it, and publish it to the free app as well. Basically they don't want you to climb to the top of the popular list with a free app and then start charging for it with unfairly increased visibility.
Update: Disney got in touch with us and clarified that the sale was actually caused by a technical glitch in the Google Play Store and not an actual promotion.
There was a technical glitch on Google Play this morning that triggered the apps to be marked as free. It’s unclear if this promotion is temporary, but according to the Google Play rules once an app goes free there is no turning back unless the developer deletes it and submits it again. Meanwhile, Google has kicked out of the Play Store about 60,000 applications because of low-quality. As it seems Google is starting to pay closer attention to the apps that make it to the Play Store and doesn’t trust completely its automated system anymore.

Google has also confirmed the official app count for the Play Store is 700 000, that’s 100k less than the Apple’s App Store. InstaCollage helps you combine multiple sized photos into amazing looking ,beautiful ,interesting framed photo, and allow you easily add caption on your photos, and allow your easily add many cool ,funny sticks on your photos. InstaCollage can help you auto layout caption to framed photo's left,right,top,bottom,center just with one tap! If you dont grab pro version promo codes, just download free version , then try it and replay this thread and review free version on app store, then pm me your itunes account name. Created for presenting your youtube videos in a professional way so you can get more exposure and visits. The template contains 4 different color presets with 9 video placeholders, 3 titles textholders, an intro animation and an interactive ending.
The YouTube logo, that you see in the preview video, can be easily changed with your own logo. This professionally designed AE template is perfect for showcasing the features, benefits, and testimonials of your product, company, or any other offer. If you own an app for iPhone, this template is perfect for showcasing any app or website made for iPhone. We have also kept in mind even the slightest details that you might want to change in this template. In case you don’t want to use the interface that we have created, you also have the option to us an image of your interface. This project has 6 placeholders for images or video and 6 placeholders for text and 7 interface slides . You also have a placeholder for your app logo at the beginning and the end as well as inside the interface. In case you don’t want to use the interface that we have created, you also have the option to use images of your own interface. With the Whiteboard Video Explainer Template you can easily create your own compelling and engaging animated video story of your product, company, or any other offer.
After the big success of character city version2, Character city has launched a new explainer video toolkit with some unique features.
Explainer Builder Toolkit is an AfterEffects template that makes a life of a motion designer easier. By getting the Hotel Video Bundle Pack, you get 3 Template project in 1 ,along with a complete set of high end resources, specifically design for the Tourism and Hospitality Market. Perfect for a light hearted personal sequence or perhaps a corporate, environmental message. But now, a day earlier than promised, Carmageddon has debuted on Android as a result of the Kickstarter campaign. You may ask "how?" if you're at all familiar with how the Play Store works, as Google does not allow apps to go from being free to paid. Subsequently, the PROMO version will be unsupported because we have no way to update the title once it's taken down. A 3rd party store solution would be inconvenient and messy, and without developing a way for the app to push its own updates, there aren't too many alternatives. That is likely additional work and isn't supported by Google's libraries, which involves having to set up a server. They want you to know the promo version is gimped, they know that there will be bugs, if you supported them on kickstarter surely you will just buy the game for $2.
I know you asked them about that, but it was probably too late in the development process for them to change their release plans anyway.

Maybe there's some kind of limitation on IAPs that would make it impossible to have the full game lock itself after a certain period of time?
In which case couldnt they put up the paid version and then put it on "sale" for free for 24 hours? The issue was corrected immediately and the prices are now back to normal for all of these titles (0.99$).
Apple has been reviewing the submitted apps manually thus reducing the low quality software entering the App Store. I even tried accelerometer controls, usually no problem for a racing game; and the experience was akin to controlling a radio controlled car on a ship at sea. The Kinetic2 FULL HD template will engage your visitors while promoting your message in a professional and trust-building style. The Whiteboard Video Explainer Template you can also create custom product presentations which will engage your visitors while promoting your message in a professional and trust-building style. A new explainer video offers many characters in different style and animate moving background at 360 degree. Creating and customizing video explainers now is easy and fast with our included UI library. I’ve created the main idea for the texts to lead you so you only need to replace content based on your project and personal thoughts. This one-minute promo includes 4 slides for photos or videos, 17 titles, and a closing logo reveal.
Well, the answer's not exactly perfect - the free version will simply vanish once the promotional period expires. So, in the unlikely event that players experience problems with the PROMO version, the solution will be to either download the FREE (demo version) version, or "upgrade" to the FULL paid version.
The primary concern I'd have is compatibility issues, what if the game simply doesn't work on a particular device? A 24-hour promo code that's essentially an IAP that would stop working, and then a paid upgrade to the free game. All the apps are tied to your account, so it shouldn't really cause issues for people who got it for free and are trying to reinstall after it went paid.
Designed from a promotional and sales perspective, this template makes it easy to arrange your message in an order that is proven effective and makes sense to the viewer. Then again, you are getting the game for free, so it's hard to get too picky about this whole situation. Make this template uniquely your own by customizing text and images, and choosing from 8 eye-catching colors and 24 attention-getting business animations. Here you will get interactive interface with beautifully animated lots of elements for male and female both. The entire video template is created in after effects template and it’s easy to customize. This toolkit allows creating your own animated explainer video to impress your audience easily.

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