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Meantime, dear husband suggested creating a blog and saving all the recipes those I cooked and he loved eating.
Spice Up The Curry is built with the Thesis 2 Framework on WordPress and is powered byBluehost.
Life before and after food blogging: Before I started blog, I was just cooking our daily meal (after hectic full time job).
After I started blogging professionally, I am not going to say that I am loving it, enjoying it blah blah. About the Food, I cook and eat: As being vegetarian, I only cook vegetarian food and so this blog also has vegetarian recipes posted.
Copyright Policy: all the content and photos on my website is copyright protected with all rights reserved, unless otherwise noted.
In the beginning I was Just saving the recipe but then I learned about SEO and other things and took this blog to the professional level.
As well as technical aspects, maintenance, designing of blog, server issues all done by me. Apart from cookbooks, I have cooked many recipes which are my mother-in-law’s and my mom’s recipes.

I also love baking, so you will find many eggless baking recipes like cakes, cookies, cupcakes, muffins. I will try to update this blog 2-3 times a week. This blog receives 424,000 pageviews and 201,000 unique visitors per month (as on July 2014).
So Now I have everything (almost 80%) organic in my pantry and fridge because I am not able to find everything organic. I have done my bachelor’s in Bio-Medical Engineering from Gujarat and masters in Electrical Engineering from Stevens Institute, NJ.
You will find traditional recipes especially Gujarati Recipes, as well as recipes from cookbooks, food magazine and mom’s recipes, MIL’s recipes. To be consistent for blog post and to stay professional, I take this job seriously and I  manage at least 4 hours a days for it.
But still I was doing just OK that time because room-mates were always there, so I never got chance to cook alone. Cooking is kind of enjoying task for me but washing dishes (after step by step photos), writing recipe, managing server issues and all is not enjoying at all (trust me). As I am paying high amounts to maintain this blog like for server, website design, email marketing.

So I have to take this as JOB, no matter you like it or not you have to do it to keep it running (mainly earning, yay that’s the truth).
And with this busy schedule of full-time job, I happily managed to get some time for my passion food blogging. So my schedule is like this: trying out the recipes in weekdays and we ate those in lunch and dinner. I have read lots and lots of cookbooks (nearby public library has very good collection of Indian cookbooks). Once it’s final, Cook it with step by step photos on Weekends(these two days are day off from my IT job). During the weekdays, I maintain security and technical stuff of website; also writing and publishing the recipes online.

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