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They've since rolled out their Friends and Family feature on select plans where you can set up a list of outgoing phone numbers that do not count against monthly minutes allowances. Their customer service reps, when they CAN answer your questions, however, are very polite and courteous. To see more savings view our pages like Westport Big & Tall Discounts, Swarovski Discounts and Now and Forever Codes. The process with Straight Talk can vary slightly depending on which network your particular device will use. Activating a Kajeet phone has a couple of more steps because you have to set up the messages preferences and controls.
As soon as I cleared up things and received all of my money from them, I stopped my service and went to Verizon.
However, the additional monthly charges for data use even if you never use the feature is getting to be ridiculous. A recurring billing error ended up costing me because they claim to not have access to more than the last couple months of billing. And although I've traveled to several places across the US with my Verizon phone, I can say that there are very few places where I've had any coverage issues. They have nice phones and coverage, I will give them that, but as far as "bang for your buck"?
This included $20-30 service charges they were unable to explain, and not included in my contract details.

If you want to check these out, you'll see that the process is pretty straightforward in most cases.
We also add new coupons for Verizon Wireless as soon as they're available, so add us to your favorites, and re-visit our site whenever you want. The workers in the stores are very helpful and I learn a lot about each phone I ask about when I visit. Sometimes it does get a little confusing, but each and every time, the customer representatives do their best to sort everything out. The company we used before, US Cellular, would not be available in a lot of areas where we live plus it would drop our call or tower would be down frequently.
Cutbacks happening everywhere and well I'm willing to have an 85% reliable service for almost 75% less. However, I wish it were available on all of the family plans, since only those with 1400+ shared minutes enjoy this benefit.
I ended up paying for several months on something I requested (and later confirmed to be) blocked. I think they could have an option for someone who doesn't talk 1000 minutes a month but more than 200.
When I inquired about them, I was told they were probably from data transfer or picture messages, neither of which I have used. The phones I have gotten from them have been Good and their customer service has been Great. Our collection of thousands of online coupons, promotional codes and clearance sales is updated every day. I guess one plus of other carriers is that they give more compensation than just an apology.

Sorry Verizon even with my companies 20% coverage discount you're still unaffordable to the average US family. It really limits what phone you can purchase with them and avoid the additional monthly charges.
Also, customers who do any messaging at all are basically forced to get a messaging bundle since individual texts can get spendy QUICK.
They apologized and credited back a couple month's worth, but in the end, they still have some of my money they shouldn't have. This happened on consecutive months, and though the charges could not be substantiated, the company would not drop them. If any of our promotion code deals or sales links don't work as listed, please tell us so that somebody can cut offers that ended and correct incorrect listings. We've been through everything from stolen phones to broken phones and each and every time I have talked to Verizon, they have made it a pleasure.
I was pretty irritated about that, but for the most part, customer service has been pretty good. Thwy suck you in with appealing commercials then slap a HUGE monthly bill with random fees in yoir face.

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