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The latest version of one of the best international rally races comes back in a revolutionary form.
3D Alien Shooter: A large-scale continuation of one of the best-selling and most famous cell phone 3D games! This game is a unique mixture of arcade action and first-person shooter with RPG elements combines the well-defined world of classic games and unforgettable dynamics of the first part of Alien Shooter.You will enjoy a well-developed plotline with alternative variations of accomplishing the mission while playing this game.
Endless darkness, grim long corridors of a military base became the residence if Evil.Thousands of bloodthirsty monsters have filled the base’s offices, warehouses and research labs.
You will experience: captivating tracks, cool cars, cool racing modes and many other things!

Become the coolest street racer, the lord of the night streets, covering this uneasy way from a newcomer to the professional! You will have an unlimited amount of explosives, lots of weapons and all kind of equipment. You will have to travel around the entire city to reach your goal, to get acquainted with people you will need, to find out where the illegal race takes place, to compare prices in the tuning centers and car sale centers. Turn your mobile into real racing and enjoy driving thrill against the other powerful cars!
Besides, the game has the stake mode which mechanism is maximum close to the real sweepstakes at racetrack and multiplayer through bluetooth!

Make the maximum upgrading of your car – your reputation and other racers respect depend on how your car looks like! This game works with Most Of the Mobile Phones as it is a jar mobile phone applications.So if your phone is not listed, then please try to download in the following by the screen resolution . A 3D possibility to rotate the figures will help you in a complicated task of matching figures in a certain order.

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