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Your first dinner date with a new match can be a stressful event, so we’re here to help clear one thing that may be looming on your checklist: your dining whereabouts.
Los Angeles, California: The city of angels can be haunting if you don’t know where to take a first date to dinner. Houston, Texas: There are over 8,000 restaurants in Houston, narrow down your list with Friends Eat’s “Top 10 Romantic Restaurants in Houston”. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Do something unconventional and take your date to one of Philadelphia’s quirky spots with D Guide Philadelphia’s “Top 10 Unusual Restaurants”. Phoenix, Arizona: No need to sweat the restaurant venue, we’ve got your covered with MetroMix’s “10 Great First Date Restaurants”. San Antonio, Texas: Mexican food reigns supreme in the Alamo city, so narrow down what dish you’re craving and find the best place for it with Best of San Antonio’s Best Places to Eat. Dallas, Texas: The Big D can present a Big Dilemma when trying to pick out a restaurant- after all, there are more here per capita than anywhere else in the US.
This isn’t about how you should dress when you go hangout with your friends or a certain get together with a group of female friends. Call us old fashioned, but the first date is crucial and can set the tone for the potential future of the relationship.
Last summer while I was doing some work in Paris and attending a few fashion shows, I met an inspiring woman, a force in the fashion industry. Get the look for less with this version: Calvin Klein dress, Ellen Tracy boots at Macy's, VT Luxe Convertible Loop.
Dinner Date Look: Every person has a shade of blue that looks flattering on them (for more info on how to pick your perfect palette see our book "Life in Color"), so you can't go wrong with a beautiful blue ladylike dress. Get the look for less: Lauren by Ralph Lauren satin dress, Nina "Fonda" Sandal from Nordstrom, VT Luxe Soft Flutter Wrap. Run, don't walk to your underwear drawer and get rid of your granties and anything tired looking!
There are a few key factors to consider when dressing for the first date: for starters, where are you going?

Extremely Casual: If you are meeting for a casual coffee, I would suggest a nice sweater over a shirt and your most modern fit, darker denim jeans with a nice shoe. Semi Casual: If you are meeting for lunch or a low-key dinner, I would suggest your best fitting jeans or casual pants and a casual blazer or jacket over a pressed shirt with a great pair of shoes. Dinner: Always wear a jacket paired with a nice shirt or shirt with a sweater combo to dinner. If you remove your jacket, you will still look put together with the shirt and sweater combo. Now that you're inspired and putting together the best version of yourself, remember to have fun! AND I’m going to spend the day making chocolate cups for my birthday party and I better darn well hop to it! We scoured the web to find the best restaurants for a first (or just plain ole important) date in each of the country’s 10 most populated cities, for your viewing and chewing pleasure. Women don’t just look at how the conversation goes, but the way you converse with others as well. Whether it's a blind date, a set-up or you have a history with this person, it's important to acknowledge that the first date could be a start of something new. We had a wonderful connection; as we were discussing our lives and careers, we discovered that our missions were the same -- to help women feel confident and empowered through style. A client once said to me that once you're in your 50's, a game change happens and things that used to work for you don't work anymore. A shoe can make or break a look, so it's a good idea to build your looks starting with a comfortable, modern and sexy shoe. The gorgeous model shown from our latest book "Work It!" is our fabulous friend from Chicago, Lynn McMahan. Keep the look clean and follow the rule of one embellished piece: in this case, the accent is on the boots.
It's always good to refit your bras by an expert and sex them up a little from time to time.

The pocket square is a nice touch that will make you look like you put a little extra effort into getting ready. If you are unsure, the blue trick we mentioned for the ladies always works -- most people look good in and respond well to different shades of blue.
She told me to check out a documentary called "Miss Representation" that shows how the media, controlled by men, sets the standards of what is sexy. This type of look can also be found at Banana Republic for a sweater and coat, Levi's for jeans, and Stuart Weitzman for booties. Each one of our clients doesn't start her look without modern shapewear -- it guarantees smooth clean lines and is the finishing touch to "feelin' it" on your date!
Fragrance is something that should only be detectable when you are in an intimate situation, it shouldn't be the first thing one notices about you. If you are typically more of a button-up kind of guy, take it a step further, wear a pocket square or a modern necktie with a tie bar. This standard has a tendency to cause young girls and grown women to believe that if you are not hot as the standard dictates "hot," then you're not interesting or desirable. Yes, most men are attracted to the obvious, so I'm not telling you to belt a burka and run out the door.
For a dinner date, choose to emphasize either the eyes (see Lynn's makeup) or the lip, but not both at once. She also brought up the fact that a few of her friends and clients (some of them post 50) are finding themselves single and having to compete with younger women.
If you wear a beard, be sure it's neatly trimmed, or if you normally are clean-shaven, keep it fresh. You have to feel comfortable and on your game but let the extra effort empower you rather than burden you.

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