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Looking for your soulmate, twin soul and divine complement?A A  Throw away that 'wish list' for attracting of the ideal mate and settle into knowing that there is a plan in place that may need a bit of your intention and attention to bring your Divine Complement to the door. This is the new NBC series that everyone seems to be talking about lately and this is your chance to audition to be a part of the show.
To apply to be on the show simply email the casting directors and be sure to include all the information that is asked for below.
Should you require any changes to your application after submission, or encounter any problems during the online application process, please send your changes to the same email address listed above. You may also like:Major Network Casting Kids for A Brand New Show Casting Kids for New Show! Please be aware that the casting notices and jobs are posted to the site by third parties and casting info available is "as is" without any verification of authenticity.

Audition SearchFind Auditions: Tryouts are updated daily - To find what you are looking for, type in your search terms below. In interviewing hundreds of soulmates, what was clear is that each couple's meeting was orchestrated through, a series of serendipitous and meaningful events that brought them together--it was by divine design.A A  Some stories were more magical than others, but all meaningfully perfect to begin the chapter of their soulmate relationship. A  Divine Complements often have a higher purpose to serve humanity together and walk on parallel paths developing their unique talents until their ready to bring them together.
Understanding a destiny is in the making and needs your intention and action to make it happen is more likely to unite you with your soulmate. Pray for a reunion and pray for your soulmate's healing and well-being while you wait.A A  In this way, you are keeping the connection that links you energized with love and summoning the love of God to help you create the miracle of your reunion. Follow your own urges too, they can represent your strong intuition that your soulmate is calling you.

If you want to receive castings in your FB news feed, be sure to change your notification option for our FB page (hover over "Liked" button and click on notifications) after you have liked our page. And changing your perspective from an empty heart waiting to be filled to a full heart ready to give will reward you with more confidence. A  Dreams can sometimes hold important information about your soulmate and can even announce that a reunion is being divinely timed.A A  If you have had a dream lover who waltzed into your dream, greet each day with eager expectation and don't fail to recognize them when they appear in your life. If you answered yest to the previous 3 questions you may be perfect for the NBC series “Love in the Wild”!

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