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Scalable to any size without losing image quality; can be used for any printing or online applications. Each week we have been working through this series and we’re a little over halfway through the list.
Also sprinkled throughout these posts have been our Finding the Faithful posts, where we share stories of people faithfully doing God’s good work in the world.
If you’re in the mood for some inspirational music, you can follow this link for Songs that Speak to the Soul. And lastly, if you’re enduring a season of waiting or just need some encouragement in this rollercoaster we call life, head to our Broken but Blessed section of the site.
While that may be a fine solution to the Libyan crisis, some of the writer’s statements about Napoleon are wrong. More important, it’s outrageous to blame Napoleon for all the deaths that occurred in European wars during his reign.
As for Gaddafi’s exile on St Helena, while it might put the island into the international spotlight, I doubt it would do much to encourage the tourist trade the island craves. Posted on June 4, 2011 by mrodenberg.This entry was posted in Miscellany, Saint Helena, The Man.
This website follows my adventures and thoughts as I write a novel told from Napoleon’s point of view.
In 2011, research took me to Paris (of course!), Corsica (Napoleon’s birth place), and St Helena (an island—still without an airport—in the middle of the south Atlantic Ocean where Napoleon died in exile).
My husband and I both have a job, support her children and take care of all the children's needs.

We are unplugging for the week to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary so I thought while I was gone I would schedule a post for reviewing our resolutions. Some of these articles have done so well, and I just wanted to thank you for your readership and support, as well as for taking this journey with me! If you haven’t read them, prepare to be inspired by these testimonies of people down in the trenches, fighting the good fight of faith. I share personal testimonials, encouragement in the waiting and stories of how God has reached my heart at just the right moments to keep my eyes fixed on His Kingdom.
My name is Kristi and I've had a life full of brokenness that has been championed by God's grace. When the French revolution was spinning out of control, Napoleon stepped into the power vacuum, reestablishing stability, creating fiscal solvency, and instituting the first meritocracy in Europe. Both boys are doing great in school.This past year, the mom has got very interested in her children and has been coming to see her children. It truly has been just that- a journey, and I’m finding more and more of myself through the process. I have more blessings than I can count, the top two- being married to my best friend and our wonderful daughter.
The other European sovereigns pursued a ceaseless quest to unseat him because he was an upstart who threatened their power which was based on supposedly God-given authority. She did not, as this piece’s author maintains, simply decide to remain behind in France.
Certainly, Napoleon had boundless ambition, but he also had the support of the French people, as demonstrated by his return from Elba to retake the French throne, a task he accomplished with a few hundred soldiers who didn’t fire a single shot.

Our Serve More article alone has been one of our most popular with over 1100 likes & shares so far. I could have her arrested and sent to jail, but I'm afraid that the children would hate me.She has tested every moral I ever learned.
The first gives expression to your past trauma in case your current situation is triggering any old memories of past abuse.
The second gives a safe healthy expression to your anger, honoring it, and keeping it from causing you internal problems. The third, positive journaling exercise helps you to shift your focus to what is good, right and working about you and the world around you.Forgiveness only comes when you give full expression to your anger in healthy ways. You are bigger and better than these emotions, but you have to honor them, and give them healthy expression, and that is exactly what the journaling will help you do.When you do the positive journaling part, work toward trying to see the good in the mother of your step children. This will ease your stress and anger.Forgiveness is ultimately acceptance, and letting go of resentment. If you found this to be helpful, please consider making a donation to this site to support our mission.

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