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Single women often feel left alone to find answers to their deep questions about love and intimacy.
For over a decade, Jason and Crystalina Evert have traveled the world speaking to more than a million singles about finding love without having to settle for less. Dear Boyfriend, Please Surprise Me With A Dance Like This!RelationshipsWe absolutely love it when our boyfriends do something cute for us! Find your Soulmate Vanessa A’Wakan believes that anyone can live life in effortless delight, with the understanding that we can change the dream and that Spirit is within and without, always guiding, all-seeing, infinitely understanding and supporting. An internationally trained shamanic mentor and qualified Louise Hay Facilitator, public speaker, published author, journalist and English teacher, Vanessa A’Wakan has been facilitating life-changing workshops in England, Scotland and various cities in South Africa for the past 25 years. Vanessa’s wise ones have spiritual greatness that is on a level incomprehensible to the human mind, their moral purity is filtered through her and is now channelled through her for the higher good. I access most of the information that the individual needs to see and hear through the aura. Always mindful of the sacredness of the soul connection I make, I allow the purest of truth on the deepest level within the aura to flow through to be interpreted in a beautiful pastel painting, edged in silver ink.
Advice, gifts, talents and blessings one can work with, blockages and sabotaging thought patterns are also shared. They have authored numerous books on the subject and live in Southern California, with their children. You can’t watch a movie or TV without checking your phone every 10 minutes to see if you missed any notifications.

It knows all your deep, dark secrets, including those important passwords and naughty texts. Learn how to tap into and use your psychic powers, switch on and recognize your intuition, telepathic, meditate, see aura, interpret colors, see and speak to your angels, spirit guides and masters, do distant healing, see the future, change your reality and much, much more in a variety of workshops, retreats and mentorship programmes offered by Vanessa A’Wakan and the Find your Soulmate Institute. Today, Vanessa travels to Hawaii once a year for intensive shamanic training and a retreat on the volcanoes with the Huna shamans.
With this, her power and ability to uplift humanity is unmatched and this is why you are here reading this right now. As I start to see what needs to be seen, I immediately start painting the aura painting in front of the individual.
Together with interpretations of all levels, shades and placings of color which indicate who we are and which aspects of our being we are working on, I connect with any spirit guides, divas, Archangels or angels and pass on messages from these celestial beings in pure angelic light script done on the painting. Sometimes visions of past lives come through via auric wounds, giving a further level to the painting. Ladies, if you can relate to these points then you know for sure that your phone is your true soulmate. But wouldn’t it be great if our boyfriends danced for us for a change, just like Satyadeep does in this song?! A healer, mentor, teacher and spontaneous channel, Vanessa believes that all beings have an inherent spark of magnificence.
You need to be touched by her guidance and have been led to this site so you may learn what is in store for you.

The whole of what needs to be worked on, what gifts can be used and what shifts can be experienced in the individual’s life is laid out in brilliant color. With each painting I select the Archangel card associated with the Archangel who appeared to me and pass on any other messages, adding depth to the interpretation of the painting. At some point, every woman needs reassurance that she—and her standards—are not the problem.
Vanessa has helped so many in their quests for understanding themselves and discovering where they fit into the spiritual cosmos.
In How to Find Your Soulmate without Losing Your Soul, you’ll discover twenty-one strategies to help you raise the bar, instead of sitting at it, waiting around for Mr. Depending on the format, whether it is done over the Internet, or face-to-face with me here in South Africa, it takes anything from an hour to 2 hours. Complete in the understanding that Spirit is within and without, always guiding, all-seeing, infinitely understanding and supporting.

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