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Giving a birth is the most noble gift on Earth, and carrying a baby is considered a real miracle.
Is it short or long, tapered or square … the shape and length of the little finger can say so much.
After being here at Vanderbilt for a little over two years, after getting involved in various activities, meeting so many new people and having new experiences, I’ve learned a lot about what leadership isn’t.
I’ve seen this explicitly through my time as a VUceptor, and especially in my role as a True Life actor for the past two years. To really understand simulation results, you need a solid understanding the following basic metrics that the software considers: force, torque, pressure, stress, etc. Software simulation is valuable because some of these metrics are often impossible to calculate by hand for even simple mechanical systems. Torque (represented by the Greek lower case letter tau) is the cross product of radius and force (?=r  x F). This is one of the most important concepts in mechanics of materials, because materials fail as a result of high stresses. Stress can generally be broken down into 3 types: tensile (pulling) stress, compressive (squeezing) stress, and shear (sliding) stress. These kinds of stress can be combined mathematically into a single form known as Von Mises stress.

Stress-strain curves are in many ways the key to understanding and applying the results of simulation analyses.
Here we can see a stress-strain curve typical of a common ductile material such as mild steel under tensile loading. How much the material will deform in the linear elastic range is measured by Young’s Modulus, which is measured as stress over strain. Often, engineering applications want to avoid any permanent deformation, so the yield stress is used as the limiting stress in simulations. Brittle materials, such as cast iron and glass, exhibit very different stress-strain curves than ductile materials. Other materials, such as elastomers (which include rubbers) exhibit very unusual stress-strain curves that will not be covered here. For instance, if a material yields at 10 MPa and the maximum expected stress for a given design is 1 MPa, then the factor of safety is 10.
In the picture above of a flexed airplane wing, you can see how much the wings are flexing at a load just above the maximum operating load. When designing your parts, a large factor of safety can be an indication that you could save money and weight by reducing the amount of material used or using a different material. There are many places to learn about the mechanics of materials, but perhaps the best website around is Non Destructive Testing Resource Center.

Autodesk is committed to helping designers and engineers create a future where we all live well and within the limits of our planet. We are quick to identify those who hold presidencies and executive board members in student organizations as leaders, and surely, being on an executive board for an organization is an excellent way of honing leadership skills, but leadership goes so much beyond that.
Through True Life, I have been able to share common Vanderbilt experiences with the first year class and help them think about critical issues our community faces in hopes that they can foster a healthier campus and student body. Bookmark us for new content every day and please subscribe to our FREE daily e-mail updates. I’ve directly seen the impact of being a True Life actor on my own VUceptees, as many of them have confided that the presentation helped them connect to the resources they needed to cope with issues they had been facing.
Leadership also means service to others and sharing experiences – with context to Vanderbilt, leadership means ensuring the vibrancy of the student body and the stimulating growth of incoming leaders.
To anyone looking for leadership opportunities through organizations, recognize that being a leader can even mean simply doing service in any fashion and being a mentor for the benefit of others and the community!

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