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The services console lists all services and provides information about each service such as, logon details, state, etc.
Right clicking any service gives you the capability to stop, start, restart, pause and resume that particular service, however, opening the Properties window will give you more control and information.
The General tab allows you to set the startup condition, shows whether a service is currently started, and allows you to change its state and add startup parameters. The Logon tab allows you to specify a user account rather than using the Local System account for security reasons.
The Dependences tab lists all other services, system drivers and load order groups that this service depends on!
You can stop or start a service through the right-click options, furthermore, you can click the Go To Process option and get additional info about the service such as, cpu and RAM usage. Sc.exe is a command line program used for communicating with the Service Control Manager and services.
Using Task Manager, you can view all programs running on your computer, start and stop programs, change the priority of the process in which programs run, etc. Later, when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the Windows Security dialog box, you will find that the Task Manager option has been removed. Besides, if you open Task Manager by a run command, a message explaining that a policy prevents the action will turn up.
Does your system take more time on programs or process, which is not much essential and put on hold to your computer?
The system gives priorities to less valuable process due to default settings of Microsoft windows operating system.
Select the priority you want to have for a process and click the Change priority button when prompted. Upon completion of the above steps can see that the the essential programs with highest priority.
One of the first steps I do when installing a new computer is downloading process explorer and make it replace the default Windows Task Manager. I am a passionate web-head, AngularJS fanboy, Microsoft C# MVP and the author of "IronRuby Unleashed". Apart from technology, I'm a wannabe guitarist and a sports junkie - both doing and watching.
Most of the Android device users actively use or at least have heard of task killer applications like Advanced Task Killer. The way out of this problem is to monitor your apps and processes before you pull the plug on them. Watchdog Task Manager monitors your apps and processes and alerts you about CPU hogging processes and allows you to manage them with ease.
As you run the Watchdog task manager for the first time, it asks for you to set the default profile.

The first tab of the interface shows the system stats – time of last data collection, CPU percentage in use, memory status and CPU information.
The CPU tab lists down all the processes and also tells its type – foreground, service or visible. Whenever the Watchdog triggers an alert, it can notify you in a number of ways that are easily configurable. Enabling the Real time polling overrides the regular polling settings and generates the stats rapidly. Watchdog also comes with a widget for your home screen that shows system stats for easy monitoring and access to the app. The app has a robust help that will guide you about how the various features of the app work, general instructions and upgrade options.
Watchdog not only gives you information about how much power your apps consume but also gives you a smarter way to manage them.
ABOUT USAt TechNorms, we focus on covering tech, products, and services that impact our daily lives. They can start up on boot or when required and can run independently of the logged on users.
To start the Service consoles type services in the Start search text box and click the Services link under programs. When a service is set to Automatic, it starts at boot time while a Delayed Start (introduced with Windows 7) will delay a service for about 2 minutes after windows has started.
It is safer to use restricted user accounts if the service does not require system privileges. The Restart The Service and Restart The Computer actions allows you to set a time variable while the Run a Program action allows you to add scripts or other programs that should not require any user input when triggered. Therefore, if this service is not running when it should be, make sure that all components that this service depends on, are running. Apart from retrieving valuable information about services, you can stop or start a service. And there are many methods to open it for your options, including choosing Task Manager in the screen opened by Ctrl+Alt+Del hotkeys, as shown in the following screen shot. Here is some of the valuable tips that you can go for if your system gives priorities to less essential process rather than the essential one.
If you unable to find the process that needs its priority changed, click the Show processes from all users button. Process explorer is a great tool, but I wish he would also offer an installer version as well as better documentation. While it is true that sometimes you need to kill (or force stop) a particular app when it brings your device to a standstill, blindly killing apps and processes is not good for the health of your device. The profiles set the CPU threshold percentage that triggers an alert when an app exceeds the specified CPU usage.

Know what is going wrong with your device and which processes are going out of control before you start killing the processes randomly.
I am passionate about Coding and Computer Science on one hand & Media and Consumer Tech on the other. The content is copyrighted to TechNorms and may not be reproduced on other websites without written permission. Pay attention when setting services to Delayed Start as some applications may required the service immediately upon boot up, however, delaying non-critical services will enhance startup performance. All of the above parameters are triggered when the service fails to start, however, if the service has started successfully and later encounters a problem and freezes!
Also, this tab shows a list of other services that depend on this service, so before stopping or disabling services make sure that you visit this tab! The cool thing about task manager’s services tab is that now you can view the related process within which a service is running!
Supposing you want to stop others from getting into it to make any changes, you can remove Task Manager from the Ctrl+Alt+Del options by referring to the steps illustrated in the text.
Upon changing the process priorities you can not only save CPU time, but also enhances the computer performance.
The Android system efficiently manages your RAM and frees up necessary memory for your apps to run as and when required.
As soon as the Real time polling is enabled, Watchdog moves up the list as it consumes more processing power.
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You can trigger the recovery actions by checking the Enable Actions for Stops With Errors option. A Disabled state, means that the service will never start even if you try to start it manually! On the other hand, when it comes to query or retrieve information about services I suggest that you get familiar with this tool and use it! They also use a protocol like TCP or UDP to establish the internet connection and send our private information outside. Under the details tab, you can see the name, PID, status and some more information about the running applications.You can also sort the PID by clicking on this tab at the top. This is the source of the problem and it’s probably filled with some unrecognizable string. So, you can go to the file location and look out for any suspicious connection making a remote connection from your PC to the internet.Forget not to check this file as soon as possible because PID of the process may change over the time as well.

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