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Modern Society will find no solution to the ecological problem unless it takes a serious look at its lifestyles.
Syria-chemical weapons: Did John Kerry just accidentally find a workable solution for Syria?
Speaking in London earlier today, John Kerry appeared to issue a long-shot ultimatum to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, suggesting that if he turned over his complete stockpile of chemical weapons within the next week he could avoid an attack from the United States. For a brief period this morning it appeared as though Kerry's off-the-cuff hypothetical would largely remain overshadowed by his curious decision to call any American-led attack "unbelievably small." But that changed this afternoon once Assad and his strongest ally, Russia, caught everyone off guard by suggesting that Kerry's ad-libbed solution was actually workable.
It's unclear whether their statements were an attempt to seize on the confusion caused by Kerry's initial comments, or if they represented a real diplomatic breakthrough—but either way they appeared to rather drastically change the international debate, at least the moment. Syria today "welcomed" an offer by Russia to put its chemical weapons arsenal under international control so that they could eventually be destroyed.
Before long, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had added his support to the proposal, telling reporters that he is currently drawing up plans for Syria's chemical weapons to be moved to a secure location where they could then be destroyed under the watchful eyes of U.N.
For what it's worth, Kerry's initial comments came when asked if there was anything Assad could do to avert an American-led attack. Conflict tends to take different forms, depending upon the organizational structure.Jaffe, D. Another cause of conflict is task interdependence; that is, when accomplishment of your goal requires reliance on others to perform their tasks. Sometimes conflict arises simply out of a small, unintentional communication problem, such as lost e-mails or dealing with people who don’t return phone calls. In another example, the Hershey Company was engaged in talks behind closed doors with Cadbury Schweppes about a possible merger. One of the most common outcomes of conflict is that it upsets parties in the short run.Bergman, T.
On the other hand, conflict can be dysfunctional if it is excessive or involves personal attacks or underhanded tactics. Given these negative outcomes, how can conflict be managed so that it does not become dysfunctional or even dangerous? Conflict has many causes, including organizational structures, limitations on resources, task interdependence, goal incompatibility, personality differences, and communication challenges.
The State Department, however, would later walk back those comments, saying they were a "rhetorical argument" and not an actual proposal, adding that Assad "cannot be trusted" to take such action.

Secretary of State John Kerry that Syria put chemical weapons under international control and then destroy them, a rare sign of apparent agreement between Moscow and Washington. The Obama administration is currently in the midst of its final push to convince skeptical lawmakers to give it the green-light to strike Syria, and it's unclear how the new developments will impact the debate in Washington, let alone abroad where the White House still hopes to find a few more allies.
Competition among people or departments for limited resources is a frequent cause for conflict.
For example, if you’re tasked with creating advertising for your product, you’re dependent on the creative team to design the words and layout, the photographer or videographer to create the visuals, the media buyer to purchase the advertising space, and so on. Within an organization, incompatible goals often arise because of the different ways department managers are compensated. By understanding some fundamental differences among the way people think and act, we can better understand how others see the world.
Giving feedback is also a case in which the best intentions can quickly escalate into a conflict situation.
No information about this deal was shared with Hershey’s major stakeholder, the Hershey Trust.
Outcomes of well-managed conflict include increased participation and creativity, while negatives of poorly managed conflict include increased stress and anxiety. For example, cutting-edge laptops and gadgets such as a BlackBerry or iPhone are expensive resources that may be allocated to employees on a need-to-have basis in some companies. For example, a sales manager’s bonus may be tied to how many sales are made for the company. Knowing that these differences are natural and normal lets us anticipate and mitigate interpersonal conflict—it’s often not about “you” but simply a different way of seeing and behaving. When Robert Vowler, CEO of the Hershey Trust, discovered that talks were underway without anyone consulting the Trust, tensions between the major stakeholders began to rise. When a group of employees have access to such resources while others do not, conflict may arise among employees or between employees and management. As a result, the individual might be tempted to offer customers “freebies” such as expedited delivery in order to make the sale. For example, Type A individuals have been found to have more conflicts with their coworkers than Type B individuals.Baron, R. For example, if a company uses a matrix structure as its organizational form, it will have decisional conflict built in, because the structure specifies that each manager report to two bosses.

While technical employees may feel that these devices are crucial to their productivity, employees with customer contact such as sales representatives may make the point that these devices are important for them to make a good impression to clients. In contrast, a transportation manager’s compensation may be based on how much money the company saves on transit. Understanding and managing interpersonal conflict at work: Its issues, interactive processes and consequences. Because important resources are often limited, this is one source of conflict many companies have to live with. Journal of Applied Psychology, 87, 444–453; National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
The two will butt heads until the company resolves the conflict by changing the compensation scheme.
You could say, “Jeff, when you come late to the meeting, I feel like my time is wasted.” Jeff can’t argue with that statement, because it is a fact of the impact of his behavior on you. This structure can lead to confusion as the company is divided geographically into 1,200 different units and by industry into 50 different units.Taylor, W. For example, if the company assigns the bonus based on profitability of a sale, not just the dollar amount, the cost of the expediting would be subtracted from the value of the sale.
It might still make sense to expedite the order if the sale is large enough, in which case both parties would support it. What Jeff can say is that he did not intend such an effect, and then you can have a discussion regarding the behavior. On the other hand, if the expediting negates the value of the sale, neither party would be in favor of the added expense. Time will tell what the lasting effects of this conflict will be, but in the short term, effective communication will be the key. For example, as a result of a disagreement over a policy, a manager may learn from an employee that newer technologies help solve problems in an unanticipated new way.

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