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As part of Applea€™s release-day onslaught, its two location-based iOS apps have gotten updatesa€”and what nice updates they are. Find My Friends, which debuted alongside iOS 5, lets you know where your relatives and pals are at any given moment, either perpetually or for a specifically delimited time period. The new feature, Notify Me, lets you set up an alert for when your buddy arrives at or departs from a certain address.
You can also flip this feature around and notify others of your locationa€”either currently, or when you leave or arrive somewhere. You can also set up these notifications as repeating alerts; if you want your significant other to know when you leave work, for instance, you can set up a notification to ping them every time you do. Geofencing isna€™t entirely one-sided: You can see when your friend has put a notification on you, though you cana€™t remove it.
I put a spell on you: If you see an outlined arrow next to your friend's name, that person has put a geofence on you. As always, although the features are nifty for those people you trust with your location, you might not want to let every person you met at, say, a conference have permanent access; for those situations, we recommend using the appa€™s Temporary Event feature, which allows you to set geofences and track location for a limited amount of time.
Find My Friendsa€™ last new perk in this update is Friend Suggestions: Now, when you tap the Add Friends button, a pop-up window will hover below the To field with the email addresses of iCloud contacts you haven't added to Find My Friends.
The latest update to Applea€™s device-tracker app features a new, streamlined interface along with a new perk for missing iOS devices: Lost Mode.
In case your device winds up in a dump truck and zooms around town, Lost Mode will make a map of its movements that you can view, using gray pins and an orange-dotted map. Serenity has been writing and talking and tinkering with Apple products since she was old enough to double-click. Many of us spend more time socialising online than we do in the flesh, enabling us to sustain friendships with family, friends and colleagues over any distance.
If you use any of the main social networking sites then you’ll find dedicated apps that let you access these sites with ease.
This Twitter client has become so popular that a lot of users have now switched out entirely from the official app to this third party download. With the brilliant calling service being available on your iPhone means that you can be within reach of your far-away loved ones no matter where you find yourself. The clever little app that uses the app on two devices and a little bump together to transfer information. Find My Friends gives users the power to locate family and friends, and make that impromptu get together possible. The latest Apple TV beta firmware only supports 2nd and 3rd generation devices, helping developers tweak iOS 8 apps.
Our community has been around for many years and pride ourselves on offering unbiased, critical discussion among people of all different backgrounds.
It would have been so much easier to find where in the world Carmen San Diego was with this app. Finding which class your crush is in so you can “accidently” run into them after class — Getting creepy.

Using the “Notify Me” feature so you know when your friend leaves his or her dorm — Creepy AF. Figuring out which party your inebriated friend ran off to — Actually useful (but still creepy). Special thanks to my friends who let me creep on them for the past few weeks so I could write this post. Time-waster of the day: US Presidents as Pokemon What The Fuck Should I Make for Dinner?Which Friends characters were actually the closest?Want to get weird looks?
ABOUT USThe latest and greatest news, commentary, culture, entertainment, sports and miscellany from College Hill and beyond, brought to you by The Brown Daily Herald. Find My Friends gets geofencing capabilities, which allow users to receive notifications when a contact has entered or left a location, as well as friend suggestions. The appa€™s new update builds upon that theme, offering location geofencing so that you can find out not only where your friends currently are but also when they leave or arrive at a certain place. You can access it by tapping on an individual contact and then tapping the Notify Me button; from there, you choose whether the alert should fire when they enter or exit, and at what address.
Unlike with Notify Me, you can send your notifications out to anyone, whether they have Find My Friends installed or not. Head to the Me tab to see if youa€™ve been geofenced; if you have, the outline of the Location Services arrow appears next to the person's name. Thankfully, Find My iPhone can ease your panic and help you find your poor missing devices. Enable Lost Mode on your gadget, and the device will lock itself and display a phone number and a message. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. Your ever-present iPhone is a key tool in helping you keep up-to-date with your online friends. We’ll take a look at the apps from big-hitters like Pinterest and a very good Twitter client, as well as keeping up with the social whirl we’ll also show you an app that will help you build and expand a network of business colleagues in an unusual way.
The app is a very clean and simple piece of software, with the ability to mute certain people or topics on your timeline so you can customise your feed. The app also comes with an instant messaging service and normal voice calls if you’d rather be a bit more traditional in your communication method.
Anything you find can be pinned to one of the multiple boards you can create, and shared with other users. Ideal for quickly exchanging photos with friends or contact details with someone you’ve just met.
Setup is simple and requires you just to sign in with your Apple ID, and then send requests to your friends to see their location.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
Alongside this beta, developers all saw an update to Apple TV, Find My iPhone, and Find My Friends.

The app lets you track where your friends (or at least their iPhones) are at any given time, if they agree to share their location with you. Using Find My Friends is a practical way to see if you’ll have friends to sit with, or if you should go eat Chobanis by yourself in your dorm room. If you happen to open Find My Friends and see two of your friends right next to each other in one of their dorm rooms all night, it’s pretty clear that something’s going down.
If your contact isna€™t using Find My Friends, theya€™ll receive an email with your current location (or when you left or arrived); if they do have the app, theya€™ll get an alert from it. You can tap the name to see what the person is tracking, though currently the app appears to offer no way to get rid of the geofence without removing the person as a follower altogether.
You enable the feature itself on your devices via the Settings app; the Find My iPhone app exists to help you track any of those devices that you've lost. Your lock-screen wallpaper is replaced with Applea€™s gray-linen texture, and the message and number show up along with a big green Call button. We’ll take a look at apps that let you find out who’s doing what, and discover apps to help you make cheap or even free calls to other iPhone users.
Others can start to follow you and re-pin things that you post, and you can do the same should you find something from someone else that you love. You can also instantly create connections via social networks like Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn. There a few times when this can come in really handy, but most of the time, it’s just plain creepy.
Whether it’s an innocent trip to the Blue Room or a late night booty call, you’ll know about it.
At least with the other uses of Find My Friends, your friends knew you could see their locations. The only downside is that it only works in two dimensions, so it’s impossible to figure out which floor of the SciLi your friends are on. Use the following rankings to see how creepy your use of Find My Friends is, on a scale from Actually Useful to Your Friend Should Get a Restraining Order.
Secret lovers, remember to hide your location on “Find My Friends” when sneaking off to one another’s rooms. Also useful so you can sneak into your friend’s room when they’re not there and steal handles from their stash. Actually, this is probably a good thing to do in general if you have stalking-inclined friends (and who doesn’t?).

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