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A foretaste of just some of the exciting trips and events we have planned for members during the summer season. An edited version of Rockwatcher Philip Vixseboxse’s Rockwriter essay tells us about an exciting research project he carried out during a series of work experience sessions with Dr Phil Wilby at the British Geological Survey.
Paul Stevenson & Lucy Hartley tell us about a geological wall they built at Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve near Coventry. Ana Luisa Sanchez’s beautifully illustrated, hand-made book was one of the winning entries in our 2015 annual competition. Killhope Lead Mine was once a thriving mining complex, opened in 1853 and closed some 60+ years later. His job has given him wonderful opportunities to travel the world, living in the middle of the Brazilian jungle, the deserts of Australia, or the high Andes in Chile; working in the deep mines of South Africa India or the Far East, for example.

In an edited extract of her essay she tells us how a week’s work experience with geologists at the Aggregates Industries in quarries in the Mendips in Somerset, helped her to think about where all the materials used in building a new patio at her home came from, how they got there and how they were extracted. He’d attracted the attention of Dr Wilby during a Rockwatch workshop at BGS which he ran and the rest, as the saying goes, ‘is history’!
This was a marvellous opportunity to highlight the rocks of Warwickshire so they can be seen all in one place and with an appropriate explanation. In it, Ana Luisa shared some of her excitement about her favourite dinosaurs, the stegosaurs and in particular, Stegosaurus. Roger Le Voir tells us how it is now and exciting outdoor and underground museum, well worth a visit. Our field trips are a super opportunity for you to meet other keen Rockhounds and share your finds!

She saw how important the geologist was in this process and realised that bags of materials sat on the driveway of her home actually told the story of an industry that affects our lives in almost everything we do and use. There are some superb fossils from Jurassic and Cretaceous sediments which illustrate the article.

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