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Poor materials will lead to cracking and chipping of the surface of the shell, and if the quality is really poor, the fibreglass will slowly become porous. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a hot tub installation in your conservatory or on your patio.
You might not be able to ascertain the quality of a hot tub’s shell by yourself, but one very obvious area to look at is the guarantee: Companies can only afford to offer those really long guarantees if the hot tub’s shell is up to the task. If you choose a hot tub manufacturer that uses proprietary parts and not off-the-shelf items, the bills will be considerably higher.

This can be another area where costs can mount: A good hot tub should circulate 24 hours a day to prevent the water from stagnating. You’ll probably be looking at a hot tub that’s free standing, as you’ll most likely be having it installed in a conservatory or out on decking or a patio. He likes the freedom of being an entrepreneur and spends his free time travelling and volunteering. If you’ve decided to get a taste of the high life with a hot tub of your own, make sure you’ve researched those hidden costs that can be a real drain on your not-so-celebrity bank account.

It will also stop the hot tub’s thermostat from constantly kicking in as the water loses heat.

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