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The application was rejected twice by Apple’s iTunes Connect team, because the application was very similar to Apple’s own application ‘Find My Friends’. When you take a first look at the application, you will immediately notice that the application is very similar to Apple’s ‘Find my Friends’. This app could again cause some privacy issues, so make sure that you don’t share your location with everyone. As if using Facebook wasn't stalker-ish enough, now you can track your friends' exact locations with Find my Facebook Friends. The main difference between Find my Facebook Friends and Apple's app is that, you guessed it, the people you share your location with are from Facebook. If you're concerned about privacy, you can rest knowing that Find my Facebook Friends gives you a lot of options when it comes to sharing your location. Another difference between Find My Facebook Friends and Apple's Find My Friends is that in this new Facebook version, you can actually watch your friend travel on the map - you have to refresh Apple's app to see an updated location.

Apple’s application is still not very popular if we take a look at the App Store rankings and it is possible that Apple saw direct competition in the app that is using the biggest social network on the web: Facebook. The app is very basic, you can easily see where your friends are located and start a conversation with them or just leave a message.
Users of the app must be aware that they will be will under permanent observation of Facebook. This app is very similar to Apple's Find my Friends app that was released last year alongside iOS 5. Both you and your friend need to have Find My Facebook Friends installed in order for it to work. You can choose to only share with certain groups you have set up on Facebook or with specific friends.
While stalking checking Rene's location, I was able to see that he was driving down a road and the dot for his location was moving along the road quickly and smoothly.

Grab one of these off-the-wall accessories and take your iPhone photography to the next level! The developers of the application have made a number of changes to the application, and it is finally approved by Apple and available in the App Store.
The Facebook app is making use of Google Maps, which makes it likely that the data is also shared with Google as well. You can also take the opposite approach and choose to share with everyone except the groups and people that you specify. My biggest complaint was that if I wanted Rene's name to pop up over his bubble, the app would force me to zoom in really close to his location.

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