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Users can access Find Friends in Facebook for iPhone by clicking the Friends icon on the home screen, and then the arrow button in the top right corner. These Facebook native mobile apps don’t allow users to edit their profiles, but the new updates can generate a special prompt asking users to add their phone number to their profile. By encouraging users to add their phone numbers, Facebook is looking to become a sort of cloud-phonebook. People You May Know looks at, among other things, your current friend list and their friends, your education info and your work info. When users import their contacts from their email provider, they’re shown a list of non-friends they can send requests or invites to join Facebook to.

Having stored someone’s number may be a better indicator of friendship than having emailed them, so these mobile iterations of Find Friends might help Facebook make more accurate friend suggestions than the web version.
Last, but not least, for the email contacts that do not have an existing Facebook account, you will be asked if you would like to invite them to join you on Facebook. If the person you are looking for does not appear on the first page of results, you can narrow your results by entering where they live, where they went to school, or the name of the company they work for. Facebook also uses the data to power friend suggestions for both the person who uploaded the contacts and the contacts on the list. The prompt explains “When your number is on your profile, friends can use Facebook to call you.

I suggest looking at this after you have added a handful of friends because Facebook will suggest friends based on the people you are already connected with on Facebook. While a fundamental part of to site’s growth and loyalty strategy, Facebook has also had to respond to German privacy concerns about the feature with changes.

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