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Can your child spot the differences between these two pictures, filled with Australian animals? Prominent brow ridges and deep set eyes = checkmuscular and athletic = checkStrong rough looking features = checkSo this begs the question if women are attracted to masculine traits why aren't women attracted to aboriginal australian men?
Berserk, how many times have you posted Gabriel Aubry as an example of a handsome man on here? Our Australian Photographers directory has just been updated, allowing users to find photographers by State. Find Australian Photographers in your State using the map or photographers menu (top left). We will be adding search functionality so you can find photographers by postcode and photography speciality in the coming months.

Thats why I have been posting threads about attraction because aboriginal and asian men are both seen as unacttractive but look totally different so just trying to figure out the physical causes of them being seen that way. And where would they lie on your feminine, masculine spectrum?By most it seems like you are talking about european and white-american women and it's them you want to attract. Most people find their own kind attractive first and foremost, second they find people that look look similar to themselves attractive however an attractive face is usually attractive to most people. But what should matter is that indian women find indian men attractive, aboriginals find aboriginals men attractive. And where would they lie on your feminine, masculine spectrum?Well their behavior tends to be more nerdy than European men, at least from the perspective of Europeans.
Well, Westerners tend to be put on a pedestal worldwide, even if most groups won't admit it, because right now they basically rule the world.

I think you are misinterpreting my agenda here Boban the point of this thread is not that I can't attract european women or if they find me attractive the whole point is to try to understand attraction. Human beings are a great deal more dynamic than some of these theories some of the members are saying.

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