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There isn’t a standard, one-size-fits-all set of application materials for all faculty job openings, but the majority ask for a cover letter, curriculum vitae (CV) and three letters of recommendation. In the first paragraph I also made sure to note any faculty or consortia at the institution whose research aligned with mine in ways that could lead to possible collaborations. To help give my references time to prepare a recommendation letter, I emailed them a few months in advance (July and August).
Half of the openings I applied to asked for a Teaching Statement or, as some describe it, a Statement of Teaching Philosophy.
The teaching statement is also an opportunity to share a little bit about who you are as a person.
A diversity statement was only requested by University of California schools and served as an opportunity to express my awareness of and intention to help address the disproportionate involvement of female, African American, Hispanic, and Native American students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.
While a diversity statement is currently only requested by University of California institutions, I would not be surprised if this request soon expands further.
In all my applications, mostly to undergrad schools* in my case, I found that the importance of a teaching statement is slim to none.
For my undergrad applications I put the courses I could teach in my cover letter, to highlight my mad teaching skills right off the bat (I think of myself as fairly versatile, so I used that to market myself). I also have started highlighting contributions from undergrads in my CV (publications + presentations).
Oliver Brown sued the Topeka school system for requiring his Black child to travel extensively to attend school while white students had the luxury of attending school closer to their homes. This marked the beginning of the Black community’s efforts towards equal civil rights. I included this to demonstrate how I could fit into the departments’ research theme and to hopefully get my proposals into the right hands.

I don’t know what the ‘right’ CV format is, but in case it’s helpful I am sharing, a copy of the CV (pdf) I submitted with all of my job application packages.
But, if we are going to be perfectly honest, teaching statements are much more important when applying to primarily undergraduate institutions. The search committee is not just hiring a scientist and teacher, they’re also looking for a colleague and possible friend.
The diversity statement was the space to describe my current efforts to close this gap and how I plan to continue these efforts if hired. This was a unique request and I am guessing the department had a limited budget and probably couldn’t support a $500,000 piece of equipment. Undergrad schools without a serious research component probably rely more on the teaching statement. When parents tried to enroll their children in the white schools, their children were denied and sent to the Black school. There was a cultural lag in the South behind the structural change towards greater equality.
When search committee chairs or their assistants start organizing applications one of their first goals is to identify the correct person to review it. Some of the faculty that I met with during interviews said they never saw my teaching statement or new I had submitted one.
If these inequities are not addressed there will be a serious impact on the number of people prepared to enter STEM fields, especially as the demographics of the United States change.
I think this section of the application is an industry (so to speak) standard in academics, as they are likely much more valuable in searches for humanities and similar fields where research is not as important. Board of Education is actually a compilation of 5 cases against school segregation and unequal facilities.

In addition to school segregation, the 13 plaintiffs claimed that the facilities for the Black and white schools were in fact not equal and therefore breaking constitutional law. Here, CORE was able to step in and further the efforts by staging sit-ins and organizing Freedom Rides.
They—and especially the candidate—want the proposals matched with a reviewer from a similar research domain. Regardless, in my teaching statement I mentioned my past experiences and the philosophies that shape my teaching style. Recognizing this, the NSF has also increased the rigor necessary in the ‘broader impacts’ component of their proposals.
This early request proved to be a convenience later since I had a rough budget proposal prepared before going into the interviews.
Cases from Delaware, Virginia, South Carolina and Washington DC were heard by the Supreme Court along with the Kansas case. Even with the initiation and spread of Virginia’s Massive Resistance against integration in school, CORE continued to resist the unequal status and assert their rights. Including a sentence that clearly defines your area of research makes the alignment process easier and avoids, for example, having a biochemist assess an inorganic proposal or vice versa. While R1 institutions are more interested in research agendas, they are also looking to hire someone to fill any departmental teaching gaps. It’s no longer acceptable to simply say “I’m going to go to a high school and give a talk” or “I am going to create a new graduate class.” Plans for expanding STEM representation are now expected to be more thought out and impactful.

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