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Apparently, Tyler recently alluded to the fact that he was expecting at his very own 45th birthday party just recently.
Even though they managed to keep it a secret for so long, one of Gelila’s friends slipped by sharing the exciting news on Instagram not too long ago. The photo, which unfortunately has since been deleted, was posted by Instagram user Pietro Mourao. Of course, someone managed to screen cap the photo and it’s comments before it was deleted, so you can see it by clicking HERE. New Delhi: Indian television’s leading lady Divyanka Tripathi who is committed to co-star Vivek Dahiya is all set to get married very soon. Well, a leading Telly website enquired Ssharad Malhotra about his ex-flame Divyanka Tripathi, during the launch of his new show ‘Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki’ (Colors) and you won’t believe how he reacted. The actor who is known for his generous and calm nature said,  “I have always wished her all the best. Earlier also when Ssharad was asked about Divyanka’s affair with Vivek he had said, “I heard she is happy. No calls between Maha Minister Khadse and Dawood’s alleged number, said Mumbai crime branch. Sheeran also introduced Seaborn to his friend Calvin Harris in Las Vegas, who he’s grown close with because Harris is currently dating his friend Taylor Swift. Prior to Ed Sheeran posting a photo of Cherry, the two were spotted out and about together in New York City.
The last person Ed Sheeran dated was Athina Andrelos, but as the Inquisitr reported, Sheeran and Andrelos broke up a year-and-a-half ago. The hosts accidentally pried into Sheeran’s personal life, and found out it was a sore subject for him. While Sheeran may be happy with his new relationship, this might be a bit upsetting for diehard Taylor Swift fans that were hoping that his bff would have feelings for him, and a relationship would eventually take off.
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Have you ever wondered why so many male celebrities go out of their way to voice their alignment with “feminism”?
He’s a 16 year old kid who just happens to be one of the most followed social media personalities on the planet.
Grier became popular after one of the vines he made with his baby sister got shared by some teen girl in Alabama. Just months after being touted as a “social media prodigy,” Vine celebrity Nash Grier has learned the hard way that Internet backlash spreads even more quickly than Internet fame—especially if it’s in response to sexism. Grier just celebrated his 16th birthday with his 4.2 million followers on Vine—the third highest on the platform. Grier’s video stood for five days as it gathered major backlash over what many viewers felt were the boys’ reinforcement of horrible beauty and behavioral standards in young women who already battle with low self-esteem.
Nash Grier has shown us what happens to high value men with large female fanbases who dare to express anything but the most inclusive preferences and ideology. These female fanbases consist of young (usually anywhere from 12-25) women who are, more often than not, quite insecure. This imaginary relationship is extremely important to these girls on a personal level, and they are extremely insecure about any notion that could take it away from them. What does the relationship actually look like?
When he gives a coy wink or smile in a video, picture or a movie, they imagine that he is communicating directly with them on a personal level.
When he talks about his hobbies and activities, they imagine how said activities make him a perfect fit for them personally. And, finally, when he talks about his wants and desires, they imagine that he is speaking personally to them.
This last bit is key because of her insecurity: she has built up this fantasy and the last thing she wants is to have it contradicted in any way, especially by the male in question. She’s too insecure about herself on a personal and physical level to handle any level of criticism. She needs to, at the very least, be able to maintain the illusion in her mind that he could love her.
Why the hell would you tell us to be ourselves when you clearly don’t like nor will you find interest in who some of us are? But they just go and shit on that whole idea by then going on and on about all these things that so many people r already so self conscious about. I was sad when they said they like short people because I am a 6 foot tall 16 year old girl.
The insecurity these girls have provides high value men like Nash Grier with a remarkable degree of control over their emotional state.

When the boys noted that they liked girls with freckles, they activated the insecurities of all the girls who lack them. You’ll notice that many of the critical comments directed at Grier seem to imply that he was ordering them around, as though he had some sort of authority over them.
But remember what I said earlier: these women love him and are, in many cases, in a fantasy relationship with him. Since these girls must be able to date these men, they therefore they must be able to meet any standards and preferences these men have.
Failure to be wanted by these men is not an option to these girls, and when they get even the slightest inkling that they may not fit the individual preferences these men have they can do nothing but get angry or depressed. It is the powerful need to obtain the validation of these men (and the related tendency to take everything they say personally and attach great significance to it) that awakens the power of these young females as consumers. This is why celebrity males so often cannot voice legitimate standards of even the most basic variety. Though all of the above aren’t good for PR, it is likely (in fact, almost certain) that most high value men maintain standards that their fans wouldn’t want to hear about.
Men like Legend cannot come out and say that, however, because if they do their female fanbases will no longer be able to delude themselves into believing that they have even the slimmest of chances of appealing to a high value male like him.
All in all, this Nash Grier episode is illustrative of why being (or pretending to be) a white knight is good business for many famous, high value men.
Kings Wiki is an ROK-affiliated wiki that contains articles around the themes of masculinity and nationalism. Short URLs redirect to a specified link while rendering a GIF preview on Facebook and Twitter. The exciting baby news was originally announced at the Madea creator’s 45th birthday party, another report claims. Do you think Tyler and Gelila will get engaged now that they are expecting? Comment below with your thoughts on their baby news!
But her ex-beau Ssharad Malhotra has something to say ahead of DiVek’s much-awaited marriage. The singer, who is often seen with bestie Taylor Swift, may be singing about a new girl in his life.
Seaborn and Ed Sheeran were spotted celebrating the Labor Day weekend with some friends in Las Vegas. Back in July, the singer opened up about his relationship status while on the radio with the Kyle and Jackie O Show.
Sure, they have that long hair that can be a bit of an issue from time to time, but they are very kind dogs. His account on the Twitter-owned app Vine has more followers than equivalents owned by Ellen Degeneres, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Harry Styles and a host of other celebrities. Since then, other teen girls have driven his popularity, convinced that he is “cute” and enamored with the fact that he posts many of his videos without a shirt. But the North Carolina sophomore, whose following largely consists of teenage girls enamored by his blue-eyed charm…caused an Internet uproar when his attempt to tell his young female audience “what guys look for in girls” backfired. When he says there is something that he doesn’t like in a girl, she will imagine that he is speaking directly to her.
She copes with this insecurity by maintaining this fantasy relationship with the celebrity, a relationship in which she has all she could ever want with a guy who is all she could ever want and doesn’t really have to do anything to maintain it. Anything that would completely eliminate this possibility is a no-no, because her insecurities will run wild and leave her upset, angry and even depressed. How can I be myself when you have such a long list of things that I need to be to be good enough?
By merely stating their actual romantic preferences, they can send legions of women into a state of shock, anger, and outright depression. He was merely stating his preferences, not claiming that all women were obligated to meet them.
Because these are high value men and she, like most young, highly insecure girls, needs to feel as though it is possible for these guys to actually want her. If these men claim to have preferences that these girls don’t see themselves fitting for whatever reason, there will be a problem. She perceives their statement of their preferences as an actual, direct personal command from them to her necessitating that she change herself. When these males’ faces show up next to a product they’re advertising and endorsing, the young females feel naturally compelled to buy it. A large part of the job as a male celebrity is to sell a dream and a fantasy to millions of young women out there. All of his female fans, regardless of what they look like or where they’re from, can convince themselves that they are strong and independent. He is basically saying to every female out there that she’s perfect for him the way she is.
Any female can convince herself that she fits this bill even if she’s actually a bitch to most of the people she comes into contact with. If a man’s fanbase consists of many of these women (and it almost certainly will if he’s a typical celebrity), he’d best stay away from this one.

Thus, such a comment would have a high risk of offending just about all of his female fanbase. This kind of statement has the potential to offend every girl in a given high-value male’s fanbase, as Nash Grier has learned. More often than not, these men have extremely attractive, well-groomed, fit females on their arms. So long as he shuts up, his legions of female fans can continue to dream, in their heart of hearts, that his soulful crooning is really for them and he may just one day become their Prince Charming.
I will always wish the best for her.” Ssharad had also said that he is open to being friends with her in future. I’ve had a cat most of my life, and cats like to lick their fur, clean themselves and groom.
They criticize girls who they see as having no personalities and who are just waiting to marry rich husbands.
Modern celebrity culture is highly feminized by necessity – it is built to cater to the people who fuel it most, and those people are overwhelmingly women.
The maintenance of that relationship is the key to his celebrity: it is what keeps these girls going to his premiers, buying tickets to his shows, subscribing to every one of his social media accounts and snapping up every song he makes on iTunes.
If she perceives herself to be lacking some trait he explicitly desires, she’ll get very upset. This allows her to escape to a world in which all of the insecurities she has about herself that keep her up at night are irrelevant and have no impact on her obtaining personal, social and romantic fulfillment.
This is true even though her logical brain understands that she’ll probably never actually meet or date this famous male in real life. Their ability to rationalize into existence that slim possibility of his loving them was undermined, thus compromising the fantasy relationships they maintain with him in their minds. Mrluigifan102 correctly points out that this is not the case, and that the boys are actually telling women what they should be if they want to date them specifically (read: stating their personal preferences).
This means that when these boys state their personal preferences, she interprets them as hard statements about how she and other girls must be. They can’t take the desires these guys express and accept them as individual preferences and just move on if they don’t fit them.
They’re not actually asking that any women change to meet their preferences – they’re just stating them. When these guys create a video or social media account, the girls feel obligated to follow every word said. He has to walk on eggshells in order to keep that fantasy intact and keep the money rolling in.
The statement implies absolutely no obligation on her part to change anything about herself in order to be able to get an extremely high value male interested in her.
It works well because it doesn’t offend anyone: the girls who have the looks can easily convince themselves that they’ve also got the beauty on the inside (rendering the fact that “looks aren’t everything” inoffensive to them), while the girls who lack good looks can use this statement to convince themselves that they can completely make up for it with their “beauty on the inside” (which, again, they can all convince themselves they possess). Men like John Legend (one of the more recent self-proclaimed male feminists in Hollywood) have dating histories that consist almost exclusively of relationships with physically fit, aesthetically elite models. Real life contradictions to this fantasy in his actual romantic life can be rationalized away.
His father is a football coach and his older brother is the best high school football player in America.
What she wants to maintain is the ability to rationalize that possibility into existence, however slim it is.
And Nash, hate to break it to you, but I’ve seen guys that look ten times better than you. They’re too insecure for that – they need the validation of these celebrity men that they’re in love with.
Alexandra, like most young girls, is simply too obsessed with obtaining their validation to make that distinction. When these men release a song, the girls naturally feel obligated to download it or go to his concert and listen to it. This statement is also effective for placating the attractive girls who have convinced themselves that they’re ugly. Actions speak louder than words: these men have standards, and those standards do tend to favor fit, well-groomed women. So long as this doesn’t become a habit, girls will forget about this in time and continue to follow everything he does. Any preferences these high value males articulate will be interpreted as commandments by infatuated young women who feel obligated to appeal to these guys and assign false authority to them.

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