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Hea€™s a mass of insecurities a€” defensive about his schooling, constantly seeking approval, afraid to turn work down and filled with self-reproach over his failure to find a wife and have children.Yet at 37, Benedict Cumberbatch is Britaina€™s newest global star, a sex symbol who can command multi-million dollar fees from the worlda€™s top film-makers.So why, with the world at his feet, is the Sherlock actor so desperately unsure of himself?
Now he is hotly tipped for an Oscar in a movie no one has even seen yet, playing Wikileaks mastermind Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate.In recent weeks he has sent the gossip columns into overdrive, after being photographed with two glamorous and very different women, leaving nightclubs in the small hours, officiating at a gay wedding and camping it up wildly as he revealed his crush on Hollywood A-lister Matt Damon. He claimed the biggest regret of his life was that he hadnA?t been a father by his early 30s, when he had still been with OliviaOne disgruntled neighbour hit back by spying on him from a window and Tweeting every move he made inside his flat.
And is his debilitating self-doubt in danger of derailing his progress to career superstardom a€” and his own personal happiness? He once cited his fathera€™s tradition of presenting his mother with a red rose every Monday morning as the epitome of romance. Could it be that, in the past, his emotional intensity and his urgent yearning to become a father have scuppered relationships?

But what might be endearing for a long-married couple is apt to come across as needy, even creepy, in a new relationship.He is also ferociously chivalrous, old-fashioned even. He is director of a firm called Red Brick Marketing Unlimited a€” a tacit dig at the Oxbridge set, perhaps? But I'd like to find a girlfriend.'The 53-year-old added that he particularly likes British women but doesn't have his eye on anyone in particular.
Women a€” especially the independent, career-minded women he finds attractive a€” seem to be scared off by him.His see-sawing temperament is enough to deter any woman from marriage. After BBC radioa€™s film reviewer Mark Kermode poked fun at Keira Knightley, Cumberbatch a€” her co-star in Atonement a€” punched the critic when they appeared together on air. Hea€™ll cheerfully turn up on set with a round of coffees, handing them out as if hea€™s one of the catering team.

Still intent on becoming a father, he may already be investing to cover the cost of his future childrena€™s education.On the eve of the Star Trek launch, as builders finished work on the apartment in Hampstead, the actor made his clearest statement ever on his private life. She elbowed her way to the edge of the red carpet at the film premiere, brandishing a placard that read: a€?Benedict, Ia€™m pregnant!

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