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When one wants to know some secrets about someone, they often imagine that the cell phone number of a person can reveal the information which is needed. When inquiring to know the cell phone number a person, the much simple solution is to go to the person and ask for it.
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Facebook is not good to keep anything secret, and your personal data is at stake with Facebook. The phonebook has the contact number in the list of friends, and according to Facebook these numbers come from the contacts that you import using the Facebook in your mobile. This is possible if the person in question doesn’t feel any suspicion or doubt on part of the inquirer.  The number will willingly be given without any hindrance. It should be made sure that the person chosen for this task is a reliable and trusted friend.
Do you love to update yourself constantly with the Latest News, Blogging Tips, Tech Tips, WordPress Tips or Mobile News, etc and many more. Get all your queries solved here for example - about Latest News & Tips, Updates and How To titles. There were reasons to say that always, and one more reason has now come out as the contacts list in Facebook has the phone numbers openly available for other friends in the list.
This would open something like a phone book, where nothing other than the name and phone number would be seen.

A little more look into the system suggests that if you had the phone number in your profile, or else used the number to have double security for your account, that number too is listed.
People who are in an emergency, and would want some of their close friends’ contact numbers, this is a good way for that. He has been blogging since 4 years, and has been always fascinated with the gadgets, the beauty of Android OS and the Apple gadget designs.
Some think about it when they want to investigate the credibility of a person, such as a spouse or a friend. However if the person suspects any investigative tone in the inquirer, then it will be totally another story. The person can be asked who is also known as a friend of the person of inquiry for asking the desirable number. Instead of asking yourself, simply pay a visit to some friend of the person and ask just for the number.
If that person has an account then the profile can be checked and there might be some chances that the cell phone details are present. Thankfully, if that person is your Facebook friend – you can easily view his or her phone number by logging into your Facebook account. But, the same numbers exposed in this way can lead to unnecessary calls and breach in privacy. However it is almost impossible to get a cell phone number as compared to landline numbers.

In this situation, there should be a more delicate way of dealing with the question to know someone’s cell phone number.
The national cell phone number registry is another online source to check in case it’s present. If your answer to all the above questions is YES, then HotNewsWorld would serve you the best. Contacts section of your Facebook profile show listing of Facebook friends along with their mobile phone numbers. Here are some fairly simple tips to answer the question of finding someone’s cell phone number.
Only friends who have chosen setting to show phone number to other Facebook friends will have phone number listing along with their name.See Mobile Phone number of friends on Facebook1. If the reliable friend exists then this method is a better way to know the cell phone number of the person.

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