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With another year at uni beckoning, students all over the country are getting ready to go back and get their heads down for another year. Whilst one eye will no doubt be fixed firmly on Fresher’s Week and locating all the hotspots in town, another will have to looking into accommodation, bills and of course, the internet.
Searching for a flatmate online can be constructive if you can take some steps to actually get to know someone.
If you are really serious about finding a flatmate or a flatshare online, you need to post a profile picture. A profile picture is the main determinant of whether or not someone will go through your profile. Recent research has shown that profile pictures are fundamental in the decision-making process of whether or not people will connect with you. Having a flatmate can be a great decision, you’ll save money on rent and expenses, but before you make the decision you need to know what the perfect age of a roommate is? Living with a flatmate not only makes financial sense, but you may also get a friend with whom you can bond and share your memories. This entry was posted in Flatshare, I NEED a Place for Rent, Location on January 21, 2013 by David. So you need a share house or you are looking for a flatmate, well you are at the right place and best of all we are totally free for flatmate finders!
Create your Profile of what you are looking for – Add a profile pic if you are serious about finding a share house! Living with an unknown individual can be challenging at times, especially if that individual comes from a different profession or follows a completely different lifestyle. There is no doubt that the prospect of having a flatmate is a great one, you can save money on rent and expenses. Some people prefer living with a professional as they feel a professional will be mature enough to handle the problems or conflicts in a better way.
Research has indicated that the number of couples looking for a flatshare is steadily increasing year after year….but are couples acceptable in your flatshare? The tough economic conditions are forcing many people to put their plans to buy property on hold. When you are a non-smoker and your roommate smokes in the apartment, you have to deal with many problems. Male and female students have been attending co-ed schools  for years – but when it comes to share accommodation, what is the perfect flatmate gender?
Schools always have same sex dorm policies but for college students it is no longer realistic to keep male and female students separate.

If you have a spare room in your flatshare, potential flatmates have lots of questions in their minds before making a decision…one of the most common queries is what age are you? Today, the economy is down but the rents are too damn high and becoming unaffordable day by day. However it is very important to select a roommate who will be compatible with you and who fits well with your lifestyle.
The Flatmate Duster - The Original and Number one Flatmate Duster, giving you total reach for all dusting jobs! There are other similar dusters available but the Flatmate Duster™ wins every time with it's durability, ease of use and above all brilliant design.
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. If you are used to student life, it will just be another year, but if you’re making your first foray out of your parents’ home and into student accommodation, there’s a lot to think about. Looking at the profile picture, people decide whether or not this is the kind of person they want to connect with. Though we can say that profile pictures are more important than your text, one should not dismiss words entirely. One of the important criteria could be the sexual orientation of your flatmate.  If you view your roommate’s sexual orientation as a source of conflict…what do you prefer? You may get a person with whom you can love to spend quality time and can even share fun memories.
Like secondhand smoke, foul odours, potential damages to your apartment, accidental burns as well as a thorough cleaning to get rid of the smoke smell.
In this tough economic scenario, many people are deciding that the best way to keep from drowning in debt is to share their flat. It looks less and less likely that they will ever move out of that childhood bedroom, ever escape the My Little Pony duvet cover. It can ensure that your profile will be noticed by the people looking for a flatmate online. Relying too much on either just a picture or just the text can lead you in the wrong direction…it all counts, particularly online where we don’t have much else. This is where we help with our unique matching flatmate finders system that matches you to compatible house mates. Share accommodation Brisbane, Shared Accommodation Sydney and Shared Accommodation Melbourne Listings. You all would have heard those horror stories so you must do your homework to find the perfect fit.

This is despite the fact that they have to pay more for their flatshare than if they were single. It has been found that second hand smoke can be just as dangerous as actually smoking, which implies that if your flatmate is a smoker, you are at risk of developing the same disease as the one who smokes.
Not only is unemployment among 18-25s expected to reach one million this year, but even if they do get a job, they’ll never be able to find somewhere to rent. However, with the renting boom Speed Flatmating has turned into something of a phenomenon and over 17,000 people expected to attend an event this year.
But it’s important to go beyond a profile picture and to see if you can actually get along with the person.
We know it can be hard work to find a great place and house mates – that is why we created yChatter. Living in a shared accommodation is no doubt a very different living experience compared to having the privacy of your own place. These problems normally arise when living-style or personalities of flatmates have a conflict.
Did you know that secondhand smoke contains more than 4,000 chemical compounds, which are very harmful for the human body and some of them are even carcinogens (cancer causing agents). A profile picture actually helps you to establish trust with other people who are looking for a flatmate online. Sharing accommodation requires some compromises and it is essential that you think about it for a second. You need to be prepared to compromise as finances is one of the main reasons people share accommodation.
All currently available other platforms treat flat-share same as a property rental service and do NOT care much about the user preferences in terms of compatibility with the flat mate.
Ben Craft points out that ‘the traditional way would entail browsing through scams and properties already taken, then trawling round maybe ten flats. City boys find themselves chatting to Camden trendsters, as suited graduates swap details with scruffy students from Europe and beyond. At first the event is awkward and a little confused: there is no method to organise people by price or area, and everyone walks with their eyes at sticker-height. But when the prize is not a date, but a room-mate, everyone has a topic of conversation other than the weather.

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