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The 'CK617J1' (along with the very important '72 5') means it is a manual square block with 4 dot heads. You can also date Clevelands by their rocker covers as they changed design several times, but this relies on knowing that they are original. Here is an example of how the Australians stamped the car's VIN on the timing chain extension, above the fuel pump, on their engines as Mike mentioned. Ok, I got back late so no taking things apart, but after checking I can tell I have a 'square' block with '4dot' heads. The '4dot' heads were closed chamber, but had a slightly larger chamber than before so compression got dropped a bit. I had a 72 Gran Torino with a 1972 351CJ and it was a square block with '4dot' heads Rated at 248hp.
My continued search on the net had just led me to the same conclusion - I need to get underneath with a torch. On American build engines, they have the 'year'-'month letter'-'day of month number' on the tag, for example 2G26. They all got the two digit year stamp, eg, '72' followed by another number which was the engine revision number stamped on the tag though, plus, the all important K-coding to tell you what engine it was (variant of Cleveland if you are talking Clevelands).

Worth bearing in mind that in the US they ditched the metal tag for the 1973 modle year and instead stuck a paper tag on the front of the passenger side valve cover.
As Mike hinted, the Americans didn't stamp the VIN's of the cars on the blocks, whereas, the Australians did, even with their imported engines. When the Australians went to the 'black' block (the engines were painted black rather than Ford Blue) in 1978, they changed the block moulds, and in so doing reversed the date coding. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this, it was a fascinating read and I love learning about these interesting engines who some say are the best V8's Ford ever made. SO I told the insurance company to xxxxxx off and they are happy to keep the insurance without the 'engine' number. I just checked my registration document for our Cobra and under engine number it says:- not known. If that is good enough for VoSA and the DVLA you would have thought it was good enough for the insurance company. I did ask why they wanted it, apparently it is to help verify if it is a stolen engine etc. For the export engines, they dropped the year number as there tended to be a long lead time between the engines being assembled, shipped to Australia, then dropped into a car so it wasn't too important.

This shows that Australian production of the Cleveland went on for a lot longer than in the US. This was a series of block that Ford Australia cast for the US Nascar racers who were still using the 351C to race with. Effectively, they ran out of blocks, so Ford Aus rejigged the moulds and cast up some super strength, extra thick blocks.
Ford Aus were left with a whole bunch of super strong blocks and ended up chucking them in everything from trucks to LTD's, just to get rid of them. They are pretty collectable now as they take a huge over bore, something that the US blocks can't do.

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