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Then I’ll hop across the Atlantic and arrive, Lord willing, in Nairobi where my Kenyan Sisterchick, Wambura will meet me at baggage claim.
I will post updates here whenever possible and have also prepared a few blogs on some things of interest that are happening in the world of publishing.
I love that Lord has given you so many wonderful opportunities to present him through your writing and speaking.
Robin…I do not have words for the ways God has used your books, your words to speak into my life. Kevin James Clapson caught this huge 1,785 lb tiger shark off the coast of Ulladulla, Australia on March 28, 2004. According to NRK it took the Danes 45 minutes to land the 880 kilo, 4 metre and 10 cm Eqalussuaq or Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus) in Norway’s Bokna Fjord. A great white shark nearly 20 feet long with a weight of 2,000 pounds was caught by commercial fisherman in northwestern Mexico in April 2012.

Alf Dean caught a 2,664 pound great white shark off the coast around Ceduna, Australia on April 21, 1959.
As part of Daiwa fishing tackle advertisement, a 1520kg Great White was caught on rod and reel by a Dion Gilmore off the coast around South Australia. Over 17 feet long with a weight of 3,427 lb (1554 kg), this shark took almost 3 hours to be finally caught by Frank Mundus. It took five hand-held harpoons, four barrels and five hours for Frank Mundus to catch this astonishing shark on June 6, 1964. Although data still needs to officially be checked, this astonishing shark caught off Phillip Island weights an amazing 5085 lb (2306 kg), making it possibly the biggest shark ever caught. I will spend a day with my mom before going on to Sandy Cove, Maryland, where I’ll see my long time writer friend, Rebecca Price Janney, and speak to a gathering of women at the Sandy Cove Christian Conference Center.
For a week she and I will be among a host of 180 writers and publishers from around the world that will be participating in LittWorld 2012.

I know that the title of the last book suggests that you wont write about her anymore, but I think she deserves to have her wedding narrated and how she’s going to work with Eli in Kenya too. This 5.2 m, 1520 kg female was reported by Bruce (1992) to be mature, and bearing possible mating scars. This specifies the Port of Entry (POE), the airport where you first entered the United States.
I plug my heart into His and He plugs and unplugs me from an interchangeable assortment of relationships and conversations and presentations in a variety of locations.

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