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It’s a proven fact that 44% of women don’t know their body shape, 99% of women often will find that they buy into clothes that don’t suit their shape and one in three purchase clothes they never wear. Many will invest in a certain style because they have spotted it on a top model, a friend or in a magazine. There are a variety of ways to look good and feel confident and one of them includes being yourself. Countering the natural body features creates better vertical balance and proportion, resulting in the best silhouette for each body type. Rain, rain go away… whenever the weather is all wet, a little chilly and dreary it can suck all the energy out of you. Now that spring has fully gotten underway it is time to start thinking about THE MOST IMPORTANT non-religious holiday: Mother’s Day.
Characteristically known for its wraparound collar, zipper closure and snug cuffs and waist the bomber jacket has long been a fashion staple.
Of course I love Christmas presents, but my favorite part of Christmas gifting is stocking stuffers. However, just because this style suits the wearer, this doesn’t mean it’s going to suit your body shape.

Pencil or Lean column – You have narrow shoulders, a small bust, a petite and non-defined waist and narrow hips .
Rectangle – You boast a straight shoulder line and ribcage with very little waist definition.
Apple – You have a rounder shoulder line, an average to bigger bust, fullness around the middle and usually good legs. Triangle or Pear – Your hips and thighs may be full; you have a defined waist, shoulders that are narrower than your hips and a small top half. Elements of design can be used to balance or counter different body types for the most flattering look. It is fun to change the illusion of the way the body looks naturally by choosing or adding design features that create “tricks of the eye”.
Styling Tips : A fuller skirt will take attention away from broader shoulders creating a balanced silhouette. Styling tips : A leaner figure requires a feminine cut and one that creates the illusion of curves around the bust and hip area.

Styling Tips : Any detailing should be kept to the top half, the dress should create the illusion of a straight up and down silhouette, which means avoiding cinched in waists. Styling Tips : Styling is very much about finding clothes to balance your frame – look for a style that balances a top-heavy bottom half through the use of sleeves, a higher neckline and a cinched in waist. Styling Tips :  Those with an enviable hourglass silhouette can wear any style, this is the shape most designers use as their blueprint. The only thing I’m selling right now is a tee shirt that I actually hand painted a design onto. Mein Interviewed on Essential Oils RadioHear the entire 53-minute presentation by clicking the play button below.The 25 Body Type DietThere are 25 different body types, defined by the dominant gland, organ or system.

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