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Looking for a list of movie love quotes?Fall in love with these classic movie lines about sweet romance. For the past several years, there are films that have become part of popular culture – their stories retold by the new generation of filmmakers and actors, scenes referred to and parodied in other shows, and characters imitated and relived on television. Aside from these, movies have become a great source of unforgettable lines that have been repeated by people again and again. Since it is worth knowing the quotable lines that made a mark on every film lover, here are 20 creative samples from remarkable movies. Everyone has their own favorite Movie Dialogues which made you think, laugh, cry, motivate, angry and put you through a lot of other emotions.
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When not at work, she spends time reading novels or watching great films and television series.
You could be having a bad day at work, or you are having some issues with your family, your financial problems or it could be any reason which is bothering you. You need moments of joy, moments where you tend to forget your worries and have fun with your closed ones. You feel the beauty of life through these moment of happiness where every face is glowing with bright smiles. There are others who might not be as good at remembering quotes from the movies let alone the whole movie.

For the very purpose I have gathered some of the most famous funny movie quotes for you all.
In case you have forgotten the funniest quotes from your favorite comedy movies, this post will help you remember them.Funny movie quotes are the best source of having fun while you are at work or in some party you throw that witty line or quote at people to bring smiles and laughter in their faces.
My collection of funny movie quotes and lines is from various movies so that it could fascinate everyone regardless of their taste and preferences. If you have missed out on some comedy movie these funny movie quotes are the next best thing.

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