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There are few leaders who give souls, inspiration and motivation and show nation a way to progress, connect one part of nation to other part of nation. Due to his contribution in uniting country, he was elected second term as president in 1865.Lincoln was assassinated in 1865. Here are 25 Abraham Lincoln quotes, which are motivational, and inspiration that you can share with your friends as whatsapp status,Facebook status and tweet on twitter. Abraham Lincoln quotes have been plastered on the walls of schools, covers of journals, backs of books and is viewed as one of the most popular and influential presidents of all time.
Lincoln believe that of course we should be patient, but that we should also approach our goals with a sense of urgency.

Lincoln believed that a solid reputation is like fine art, easy to ruin and hard to create. If you improve a little bit, in one area each day, imagine where you would be in 1, 3 and even 10 years. The white men were possessed large farms and they were brought black as slave from Africa.In his campaign he expressed his views against slavery and that views lead him to become president of United States. Northern states were objecting the slavery and wanted to eliminate slavery but southern states were in favors of making people slavery. He brought the harmony in country .At one point southern states were structured to form a new country.

His legacy revolves around his ability to navigate the United States through the Civil War, for the efforts of preserving America and ending slavery.
Here are 5 lessons we can learn from Lincoln leadership, followed by some of his most famous quotes. So we might as well fill it with amazing progress and surprise ourselves with a beautiful future.

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