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New York Daily News Celebrities as normal people Celebs as real people What if celebs were like the rest of us? It’s no secret that using makeup can transform any girl in the dazzling beauty, with absolutely any. If you thought you were skilled at transforming your morning, just-out-of-bed face with makeup, think again! 40-year-old London-based makeup artist, Maria Malone-Guerbaa has the ability to transform herself into any celebrity or creature using only her basic makeup essentials.

These interesting pictures shared a famous make-up artist named Melissa Murphy, placing in their profile Instagram. Makeup artist Rebecca Swift has the power to transform herself into an array of celebrities and characters from film and TV with a stroke of her (makeup) brushes.
Maria used only make up and face paints to create the illusion of Nelson Mandela, Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, and many other A-list celebrities. On duty, the talented makeup artist Melissa Murphy often have to work with actresses, models and even adult film stars whose pictures before and after make-up you can see below.

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