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Scruff founder Johnny Skandros spoke to HuffPost Live about the resurgence of beards and other facial hair within the gay popularity.
Skandros said the spike was partly a reaction to the clean-cut look of many gay men, at least as they were represented in popular culture.
Of course, it isn't just gay men who are bringing facial hair back into the mainstream, Skandros added. Hollywood juggernauts and best friends, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, are no strangers when it comes to gay rumors. Damon proclaimed: "I never denied those rumors because I was offended and didn’t want to offend my friends who were gay. What is The Inspiration Room?A global effort designed to influence, affect and involve creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration, particularly in the fields of advertising, design and film. Said Shavershian and Aziz Shavershian Both brothers were into body building and aesthetics.
Aziz Shavershian A young Aziz Shavershian before he got into body building, self described as an 'ectomorph'. Said Shavershian Said Shavershian was convicted of possession of steroids in August this year and fine $479. Said Shavershian Said Shavershian is known as 'Chestbrah' because of his large chest muscles.
Aziz Shavershian and friends 'Zyzz' and his gang loved to show off their sculpted or 'shredded' bodies at dance parties.
Aziz Shavershian gets an injection Although there is speculation that Aziz Shavershian took steroids - he claims he was getting a flu shot in this picture. Long-term psychiatric and medical consequences of anabolic-androgenic steroid abuse: a looming public health concern? Treatment of anabolic-androgenic steroid dependence: Emerging evidence and its implications. MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears..
Their seemingly more than a bromance, which stems from their Boston upbringing, had never been denied, causing people to further believe the gossip until Damon decided to speak up about it in December 2012.
He hadn't won competitions and he wasn't a public figure in the usual sense, but he was mourned by tens of thousands of people in Australia and abroad.Although an unremarkable youth, Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian, or Zyzz, became known for his body image, for his abs and pecs. Someone Who Will Love Me, Show Me Off To There Freinds, Be Proud To Have Me, Cuddle And Eat Ice Cream Be Cute Together And Take Cute PicturIm Not Looking For The Perfect Guy. Someone Who Will Love Me, Show Me Off To There Freinds, Be Proud To Have Me, Cuddle And Eat Ice Cream Be Cute Together And Take Cute Pictur made by our users. But a closer look, through research, suggests that Barbie may lead to heightened body dissatisfaction among young girls, unhealthy eating behaviors and a desire to achieve a slim body and therefore eat less. Someone Who Will Love Me, Show Me Off To There Freinds, Be Proud To Have Me, Cuddle And Eat Ice Cream Be Cute Together And Take Cute Picturim not looking for the perfect guy. At the time of his death, Zyzz was 22 years old and a far cry from the skinny teenager of a few years earlier, unable to attract girls and stand up for himself.
His rapid transformation was the stuff of fantasy for thousands of skinny teenagers, and it made him a pin-up boy. Every time that I looked at some guy next to me I'd be wondering if his deltoids were bigger than my deltoids. He's a world authority on steroid use and we'll hear more from him later.A recent Australian survey of high school students, published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, found steroid use is higher among young people than the general population. And the bare-chested body beautiful trend is visible at dance parties and other public festivals. And, you know, we all know that we're on different trajectories in terms of our physical growth and development. He claimed his body shape was due to diet and hard work in the gym.A person called Aziz had previously written openly in an online forum about steroid use.
At this year's event, in September, Background Briefing spoke to several patrons about the influence of Zyzz. If you don't have the, like, the fucking abs and the chest and shit, the arms, chicks don't want a bar of you.
Like, he's not shy about showing his body image off.Brendan King: And when you say 'rig' what do you mean?
Like, you see they guy, you look to your right in the mosh pit and fucking some cunt's massive.
Steroids should be legalised so we can get the correct dosage for each person, so people don't fucking overdo it and go mental. Zyzz claimed he didn't use steroids, but it's clear from this webcam recording he enjoyed party drugs.
For many aspiring bodybuilders and young women, Zyzz had the body.At a gym in Sydney's northern suburbs, Nick the Roman, as he likes to be called, lifts weights nearly every day. I just felt, you know, very self-conscious and especially of all the guys out there that were juiced up, that were older and were bigger, just the attention they were getting.And, you know, I guess it made me feel smaller in a way. So, I mean, I am an intelligent guy, but I think especially when you walk into a festival or into an open area, first thing people see isn't intelligence, kind of thing, you know?

They want to know that if they do take anabolic steroids, I guess they want to make the most of their time, you know?
You're only going to be 18 to 24 once and I guess the girls that you would get in that era won't come when you're 40 and 50. Do you think that's true?Sarah: Well, personally I love tattoosa€”like, that's an attractive thing for mea€”but muscles, it just really depends on the volume of their muscles. Like, you know, a nice ab, a nice 'V', is all right, but when it's, like, too full ona€”like, it looks like their body's about to explodea€”that's disgusting to me.Brendan King: And what about steroids? If you go online, you can see how easy it is to order all types of steroids and growth hormones.
Companies offer safe and discreet shipping.In a written statement to Background Briefing, customs said the increase in seizures can be attributed to the easy availability of these substances in countries which do not have the same controls as Australia.
So people will plan trips and go there for that amount of time.There's lots of gyms in Thailand.
They'll take a good cycle of the geara€”prescription strength, rather than buying the sort of underground, homemade things that you get in Australia most often.
And they'll go through a full cycle and training up there and then come back to Australia for their off-cycle.I was living in the south of Thailand, on one of the islands in the Gulf of Thailand.
And there was a couple of good gyms on the island and there was just the amount of people living there that you see coming and going on holidays just for that purpose alone. I mean, obviously to enjoy the beautiful tropical surrounds, the weather, et cetera; to relax, have a cheap holiday, save thousands of dollars on their gear and just try and get big and eat a lot.
Went over and went to the chemist that he suggested and I walked straight in and spoke to the guy, and he said to mention his name, so I did. You go there for a holiday, you live like a king, and you get massive, and you come back looking fantastic.
And again, some people might find some of the language here offensive.Testosterone was first isolated by Nazi chemists in the 1930s. Soon afterwards, synthetic variations of testosterone were developed, creating the family of drugs now known as anabolic steroids. It wasn't until the 1950s that the elite athletic community discovered how well the drugs actually worked. The first documented case was the Russians using testosterone injections at the Vienna weightlifting championships in 1954. In that hypothetical scenario, we would have a few anecdotal cases of people with lung cancer or some small case series of people with emphysema, or whatever, but we would have little idea of the full magnitude of what was about to hit us.
And that would suggest that these guys may be having aging of their arteries that is going several times as fast as an ordinary person.
And all the claims about heart disease, cancer, and stroke, there's really not much data to show that that happens either. If you challenge one of these people and say, 'Name a famous athlete who's died of a heart attack or a stroke,' it's hard to come up with even one.
So there are many mild or reversible effectsa€”like hair loss or deepening of the voice for women or temporary infertilitya€”but the claims that they kill you or shorten your life is not supported by any data.Brendan King: But is that because they've only been used widely, I suppose, in the greater community, since the 1980s? Is that because we just don't have the data yet?Norman Fost: Well, they've been in use for 30 or 40 years, so there's been time to find out if there's some major mortality. But one of the problems is that we really don't have any numbers and we probably never will as long as we criminalise these drugs. We ended up seeing a 35-year-old with severe heart failure, or a sudden heart death at 35 where the coronary arteries looked good.
These are the deaths that are probably anabolic steroid use, but because that's never documented anywhere because the drugs are acquired illegally, we don't know the actual figures. And it's the testicles that make testosterone, so usually during this time they've had shrinkage of the testicles, sometimes to such a degree that the scrotal sack is empty. And the problem is there's such an individual sensitivity to these drugs that some people might say, 'Oh, I've been on them for 12 months, I've never had any trouble and I haven't become infertile, and my blood pressure's fine, ' but equally we have documented cases of people that have been on a very brief course of thema€”and very brief is four weeks to six weeksa€”who have developed significant side effects, with high cholesterols and subsequently risk of coronary artery disease, including deaths in 20-year-olds. So I used to go to the doctor, the doctor kept the steroids and he injected me once a week, because it was a prescription.
Other times it was like, no, take x amount of mls every third day and then increase the dosage over a few weeks and then decrease the dosage maybe as you were coming off them. How did you convince someone that you were the right person to be able to use steroids and what are the rules around that?Jamie Close: Ah, I suppose really there's no rules around that depending on who you go and see. My training partner at the time, he knew of a doctor, a sports doctor, so I went to see this sports doctor and had a chat to him. And I just let him know that I wasn't just a young kid wanting to get huge, I actually wanted to be a professional bodybuilder back then.And I told him I'd had a sperm count done and I showed him the results and they were healthy. And I said, 'I'm serious about this, so I don't want some rubbish that I'm going to take orally, I want something that's going to get me the result.'And so I suppose because I came across in that light, he decided then that he'd work with me. And he wrote the prescription and I went to the doctor and next thing you know, my strength went through the roof and I felt like I could snap a steel pole in half. I remove myself from it, having given them advice as to why and having explained to them my position.
And I don't lecture people; I actually give them advice about my concerns about what these products can do.

But the other thing is that even if they were harmful, it's quite paternalistic to tell a competent adult that he or she can't take risks in exchange for benefits of wealth, fame, and whatever else comes from being an elite athlete.
You know, we allow people to become fire fighters and police and to join the military and to drive race cars and do things that are far more dangerous than even the worst claims about steroids. So wouldn't legalising something like that when we're not sure yet be extremely problematic?Norman Fost: Well, you have to realise that other drugs that get approved by the FDA, and comparable agencies in other countries, there aren't long term data on most any drug that gets approved. The drug gets approved based on a clinical trial in which it's given to people for a period of weeks or months or maybe a year or two, but concerns about what might happen over 20 or 30 years is unknown. And you could say, 'Who's going to exploit it?' Well, there would be numerous levels of gain, commercial gain, from this kind of thinking.And so I'm extremely reluctant. I kind of feel that we were naturally built a certain way and it's been generations and generations and generations of evolution.
I'd prefer that we look at our sedentary lifestyles and say, 'Well, you know, we were all meant to be hauling rocks and working in the fields,' and if you do that, well of course you're going to be more muscular. Why on earth should you think that you can sit at a desk for ten hours and then also have the physique of somebody who rowed boats in the Roman ages, for example, or was a Viking, or was a mountain man who spent 15 hours working out of doors every day?So I think we need to be really sensible about this.
One of the most talked about side effects is what's known as 'roid rage', or steroid fuelled aggression.
It's been really difficult to try and tease out that relationship between steroid use and aggression and violence. The studies that we've done haven't been the best, and I don't think we'll ever get a 100 per cent definitive answer. What is really interesting, though, is that when we do studies with steroid users, there is a proportion that do admit that they get more aggressive, or they do see mood changes. While violence is obviously of concern to the police, roid rage is not something they're particularly focussed on. Steroid users aren't usually involved in criminal activity, but the New South Wales police are looking at the possibility of amending some laws as steroids turn up more often when police are searching for other drugs.
And most of our steroid seizures come from out of other search warrants, vehicle stops, or other proactive operations where we may be targeting other drugs. When we are seeing an increase in the detection of steroids, and I'm speaking with our legal area and some of my fellow squad commanders to possibly look at amending some legislation in relation to increasing penalties, for supply of steroids in particular. And it's like, if anyone came up to me you felt like you'd be able to defend yourself quite easily. So going from where I was at at 16 to where I was at 28, 29 in that position, yeah, it was quite addictive, because it appealed to that 16-year-old in me that used to get bashed.Brendan King: And how effective was it? I mean, what was the jump that you made when you were using the steroids?Jamie Close: Well, I suppose the jump was on every level.
You know, my strength went through the roof, the weights I was lifting in the gym incredibly grew in size, and I looked awesome (laughs). You know, to finally have a six-pack and to have a decent chest and back and to look in the mirror and just go, 'Fuck,' you know, 'that's an amazing body.' I was so proud of my achievements. And especially when they get to the age of 22, most of the guys are on the gear at the comps. Yeah, so that's why I've decided to now start on my first cycle.Brendan King: And what does that mean? That's a very important factor as well, and oral steroids have a big effect on your liver, as well as injectables have a big effect on your testicles and the testosterone production stops. And there's a lot of factors that you do have to consider.Brendan King: And were you worried about those things? You've obviously given them some thought, but have you experienced any of the side effects so far?Sam: I have experienced some side effects. I can feel a stabbing sensation just in the liver and that's probably about four to five hours after taking it. And I think it's also, you know, maybe part of the primate (laughs)a€”always being the bigger animal.
Do you feel like you're competing with other people when you're walking through a shopping centre, or you go to dance parties?Sam: You do tend to feel that, you do tend to feel that. But then even looking at guys who are bigger than you still gives you more motivation in the end, you know. You may as well stick a prosthesis on your nose and pretend you're somebody else.As a woman over the last 20 years, one of the things that I've often lamented is the negative self-image that women have about themselves. It's not what we mean by equality of the sexes to have men now suffering from low self-image, but it certainly is one of the things that the media and other things that are prevalent in the community have been promoting. It had like these big steroid guys, and it said, 'Supplements that work.'And I said, 'They're not! They might be taking the supplements, but they're on the gear and human growth hormone!' And I thought, what sort of image is that projecting to say the young 16-year-old kids like I was, that are skinny, maybe getting bullied or picked on, that want to get huge.

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