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Esquire has posted its 64 candidates for the title of "Sexiest Woman Alive," and readers are afforded the opportunity to vote for the most deserving entrants.
Most of the names are unsurprising: Megan Fox, Blake Lively and Christina Hendricks are a small sampling of the contenders. Entertainment magazine Esquire has chosen 42-year-old Halle Berry as the “sexiest woman alive” this year. Halle Berry, 42, recently gave birth to her daughter, Nahla, in March and now she has been chosen as the “sexiest woman alive” by Esquire.
Highlighting her beauty, her talent and her modesty, Esquire demonstrates how Cruz’s beauty is defined not only by her looks but also by her grace and approachable personality. The slate is set up in the same style as the NCAA tournament, with the 64 contestants given seeds ranging from 1 to 16. One name, however, stands out: Lane Kiffin, the 34-year-old male USC football coach who infuriated all of Tennessee when he bolted after just one year to take the job at Southern Cal. Cruz, known for her Academy Award-winning role in Vicky Cristina Barcelona as well as starring opposite Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky, joins previous winners such as Halle Berry, Rihanna, Charlize Theron, and Scarlett Johansson.

The actress is married to fellow Spanish actor Javier Bardem, also an Oscar winner, with whom she has two children. Between the beheadings and the house mottos, it can be easy to lose track of who does what.
She will next be seen in the Spanish-language film Ma Ma and in Grimsby with Sacha Baron Cohen. Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke): As one of the few surviving descendants of the Targaryen family, Daenerys has a lot of expectations riding on her platinum-haired head. Jon vowed to be loyal to the Night's Watch -- the ragtag group who stand guard at the icy Wall on high alert for the fantastical (the zombie-like White Walkers) and the free (wildlings) -- and he's held true to that promise even after a detour in the arms of wildling Ygritte. Sadly, by the end of season 4, that romance is dead, and by the end of season 5, Snow appears to be, also.
But after she was ridiculed and tortured by Joffrey Lannister, her former fiance, and forced to marry his uncle Tyrion, we've come around.
Sansa has started to learn the rules of the "Game" but couldn't avoid marriage to the sadistic Ramsay Bolton -- and the subsequent wedding night.

Tyrion is despised by his family because of his size and their belief that he "killed" their mother during childbirth, as well as the fact that he slew father Tywin at the end of the fourth season.
But over the course of the show, this lovesick nobleman was put through his paces, losing the very limb that helped him become so powerful: his right hand. Once the ward of the House of Stark, Theon betrayed those who were like family to him to claim a noble title that lasted for essentially a nanosecond. With his faithful Hodor (Kristian Nairn) by his side for mobility, the now-orphaned Bran has gone beyond the Wall in search of the three-eyed Raven he frequently sees in visions. Her nuanced portrayal of the golden-tressed Daenerys, revealing both strength and vulnerability, has won her two Emmy nominations.The role also required her to do several difficult sex and nude scenes, including one in which she appears to be violated by her new husband on their wedding night.

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