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Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. I have updated my answer to fix the issue you raised in the comment - take a look at the answer now. I think that the answer comes to say that if you are trying to use "global" JTA transaction in your application and it doesn't work then don't use it, use in its place a "local" JDBC transaction.
In your beans.xml file you have to take a look in the entity manager factory and transaction manager. In your transaction manager you are using entity manager factory but you don't have to do that. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged spring hibernate jpa entitymanager or ask your own question. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged java-ee jpa netbeans glassfish or ask your own question.
Why is accessing an element of a dictionary by key O(1) even though the hash function may not be O(1)? If we had a "perfectly efficient" computer and all the energy in the Milky-way available, what number could it count to? Why does the continuity correction (say, the normal approximation to the binomial distribution) work?
Is it possible to stay up while riding a bike on a moving sidewalk without actually moving? With using JPA in standalone application (outside of JavaEE), a persistence provider needs to be specified somewhere.
In my case, I found out that due to maven misconfiguration, hibernate-entitymanager.jar was not included as a dependency, even if it was a transient dependency of other module. After I get a DBAL exception when inserting data, EntityManager closes and I'm not able to reconnect it.
The only way I found to overcome this problem is to create your own DBAL Connection class, wrap the Doctrine one and provide exception handling (e.g. A very annoying thing is that you have to override each method of Connection providing your exception-handling wrapper. In my application I was running multiple RabbitMQ consumers that were all doing the same thing: checking if an entity was there in the database, if yes return it, if not create it and then return it.
In the few milliseconds between checking if that entity already existed and creating it another consumer happened to do the same and created the missing entity making the other consumer incur in a duplicate key exception. Problem was that clear detach all entities including the first one and throw error The EntityManager is closed. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged symfony2 orm doctrine2 entitymanager or ask your own question. Update: I went through the tutorial and you will also have to change the Id generation strategy when using MySQL (as MySQL doesn't support sequences). A bit too late but I got the same issue and fixed it switching schemalocation into schemaLocation in the persistence.xml file (line 1).
I have seen this error , for me the issue was there was a space in the absolute path of the persistance.xml , removal of the same helped me.

I was also facing the same issue when I was trying to get JPA entity manager configured in Tomcat 8. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged java hibernate orm jpa or ask your own question.
You can treat a Persistence Context as a container that has an ability to store entities that can be managed and synchronized with a database by using Entity Manager. In case of transaction-scoped container-managed persistence context these methods need to be invoked within the scope of a transaction. Although detached entity still has assigned persistent identity it's no longer associated with the persistence context thus synchronized with the database. The persistence context is the code responsible for synchronizing the state of any attached entities with the state of the database.
Are you deleting the entity passed in as the parameter passed in to merge (which may still be unmanaged) or the one returned from merge? Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged java jpa entitymanager or ask your own question. Partilho e uma rede social que proporciona uma nova experiencia em compartilhar e aprender para todos. Este e um trabalho totalmente gratuito com o proposito de servir, motivar e colaborar com quem deseja aprender e utilizar os assuntos aqui apresentados, para a vida. Temos pessoas trabalhando no desenvolvimento de postagens, videos, presenca no site para tirar duvidas, enfim, coisas que talvez possam atender alguma forma de expectativa. Por isto, se algumas das postagens, videos ou qualquer coisa compartilhada aqui tenha lhe servido, considere fazer uma pequena doacao, clicando em DOAR.
Nesta postagem voce vai aprender a criar um pequeno e simples cadastro de clientes no Netbeans utilizando banco de dados e tabelas MySQL e JPA.
Apenas para dar um sentido, a imagem abaixo representa as camadas que armazenarao as classes do sistema em JAVA no Netbeans. Configurar atributos para regeneracao completa das tabelas caso sejam criadas automaticamente. I use glassfish and this solution works fine, but I think you are using JBOSS (due to the value you are using in the jta-data-source in your persistence.xml) I will write the values for a JBOSS AS, but in JBOSS AS I don't prove it, I just prove it only in glassfish.
Morover you have indicate in your web.xml which persistence units you are referencing in your application. Try to click on the EntityManager class to see where it leads and remove that part from your build path, so that GlassFish's libraries are taken. MySQL will error one of the two competing threads trying to create the semaphore, because the key constraint means only one of them can succeed. It could be that I've just received a new venue that it's not in my database so I have to create it first. After reading some online materials I now understand what Hibernate is and how it can be used with JPA.
As a consequence any changes to a detached entity will not be persisted and committed unless it's merged into the persistence context. IMO there is a flaw in Doctrine that doesnt allow you to safely handle expected MySQL errors.

It is a bit hacky and I'm afraid it can cause some inconsistency in transactional environments (i.e. If you still want to interact with the database you have to reset the Entity Manger by calling the resetManager() method as mentioned by JGrinon. But it could also be that that venue may host another match so another consumer will probably try to create it as well at the same time.
I tryed to understand why the connection was closed and found that I was doing too many modifications before the persist. I removed the hibernate entity manager dependency and then my entityManagerFactory was not able to lookup for the persistence provider. Queries are executed via the EntityManager (which interacts with the persistence context) and keeps the entity state in sync with the database contents. Todas as identidades das entidades sao unicas e para cada registro no banco de dados havera apenas uma referencia no contexto do EntityManager.
Why should the entire MySQL connection be disconnected because one INSERT statement has a conflict? I'm not really sure of what happens if the failing query is in the middle of a transaction). Consider the following problem: I had to store a football Match entity which had these dependencies.
So what I had to do was create all the dependencies first in separate transactions making sure I was resetting the entity manager in a duplicate key exception. After going thru a lot of research and time got to know that hibernate entity manager is must to lookup for some configuration.
When an entity is detached from the persistence context (for example by calling the detach method on the EntityManager) that entity's state is no longer kept in sync with the database.
Caso queira usar o Hibernate e necessario executar a mesma sequencia feita acima para Driver JDBC do MySQL selecionando Hibernate e clicando sobre Adicionar Biblioteca.
I'd say that all the entities in there beside the match could be defined as "shared" because they could potentially be part of other transactions in other consumers. Then put back the entity manager jar and then added JTA Api as a dependency and it worked fine. Apos esta inclusao acesse persistence.xml na janela de Projetos e voce podera usar o eclipselink JPA ou Hibernate JPA.
Something that is not "shared" in there is the match itself that won't likely be created by two consumers at the same time. So in the last transaction I expect to see just the match and the relation between the two teams and the match.
If you reset the Entity Manager, all the objects that you've retrieved before resetting are for Doctrine totally new. So make sure you create all your dependencies in logically correct transactions and then retrieve all your objects back from the database before setting them to the target entity.

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