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EMC is revolutionizing the way students are taught and learn, both in and out of the classroom.
End of School Year ActivitesMay 23, 2016Take a mental break and give your students the option to create their own lesson. Get Caught Reading in May!May 5, 2016For those who are unaware, May is Get Caught Reading Month. Type your email above and hit 'Enter' to stay connected with EMC news, events, and updates. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Symtalk is a simple, but effective approach to learning language that delivers astonishing results immediately.
Exploring is an exciting way to introduce students to language and culture through 20 thematic units. Speaking Spanish Confidently teaches 20 of the most common and difficult Spanish grammar structures. Develop your learner's grammar and vocabulary while building their ability to comprehend increasingly difficult pieces of literature. Improve your learner's reading, writing, speaking, or listening skills with fun and engaging activity books.
Bring more variety into your daily routine with DVD programs, maps, posters, flashcards, and more!
Through a long-term collaborative partnership with the University of Minnesota's Institute for Design Innovation (IDI) we are building, integrating, and researching the future of fluency.
Through our partnership with the University of Minnesota's Institute for Design Innovation (IDI), we are now offering award-winning, research-based learning platforms that enhance your face-to-face, blended, or online classroom. Avenue™ is a simple, yet powerful e-assessment platform where your students build portfolios of their spoken performances. Flipgrid™ is a video-based discussion platform where students respond to short, teacher-created questions. Watch authentic culture come alive for your students as they immerse themselves in engaging and varied media: videos, news articles, and songs.
Use EMC Language Proficiency Assessments by CARLA* (ELPAC) (performance-based, standardized assessments) to measure your studentsa€™ Spanish, French, or German language proficiency. Reading Levels Guide and Readability Guide chart that provides the reading level for each selection. Teaching Tips that define eight reading strategies your students will learn and identify teaching techniques you can use to teach these reading strategies.

Professional Resources that support the strategies and teaching techniques used in The EMC Write-In Reader.
Lesson Plans and Answer Key that follow the organization of the ten instructional units in The EMC Write-In Reader, providing specific teaching strategies and activity answers for each unit.
Appendix: Authentic Writing Prompts that provides additional leveled writing prompts for each selection to help students practice their writing skills. Symtalk e-Library on CD The CD includes the digital images of the Symbol Cards specific for this level and language. Overview Paradigm's new Benchmark Series: Microsoft Office 2010 offers a project-based, case-study approach to learning Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Case study assessments at chapter and unit levels test students' abilities to solve problems independently. Author Bio Nita Rutkosky has been an office technology instructor at Pierce College at Puyallup (Puyallup, WA) since 1978. Audrey Rutkosky Roggenkamp has been teaching courses in the Business Information Technology department at Pierce College in Puyallup, including keyboarding, skill building, and Microsoft Office programs. Through its innovative learning environment, Passport, EMC delivers digital learning solutions, marrying interactive curriculum with unique video based collaboration and assessment tools to promote student engagement, proficiency and culture in World Languages and English Language Arts. ThisA fun activity will give students the timeA to reflect on all that they've learned throughout the year.
The Association of American Publishers encourages reading this month as a way to remind students that it's fun to get lost in a book!
Watch your students connect to the Spanish-speaking world, rapidly develop language proficiency as well as cultural understanding. Each theme generates enthusiasm for language learning through a friendly visual approach of language, art, food, music, geography, and literature. At the core of this method are symbol cards, which are self-explanatory images that represent words for all parts of speech. Passport® builds upon and extends research-based language learning platforms created by the IDI, leveraging EMC Publishing's world language instructional content in an easy-to-use environment designed to drive educator effectiveness and student fluency.
Educators can create custom tasks or build tasks based on EMC's rich, pre-loaded library of media. With a touch of the finger, students access every page as well as all of the audio (vocabulary presentations, dialogues and activities).
Choose from multi-level online assessments in Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking that can be administered individually or as a battery. Selections, both classic and contemporary, offer a rich reading experience; margin spaces allow students to actively record their thoughts and notes.

For each reading selection, learners receive explicit instruction on how to apply a specific reading strategy to each stage of the reading process and then practice applying the strategy.
Students learn eight active reading strategies and how to combine and apply them to any reading task for greater understanding of the text.
Students learn how to demonstrate essential reading skills and gain confidence in testing situations. Student vocabulary is increased through Word Workshops and strategy instruction in deciphering difficult words. That's common these days; as the weather turns brighter and warmer, grades get put on the back burner.
With our cutting-edge digital resources, such as video-based tools, authentic cultural videos, eBooks your students will discover the Spanish language in a whole new way.
With the Symtalk method, students learn how to substitute words for self-explanatory symbols. The program includes an array of print and online resources to engage and motivate students' language learning.
This series introduces real world situations through music to create a lively and entertaining approach to learning Spanish. The symbol cards facilitate the visualization of grammar structures for students to easily identify syntax. Students will discover languages and cultures, expand their knowledge beyond the textbook and written test, and perform what theya€™ve learned within a portfolio-style environment to achieve lasting proficiency. Students also have all of the video resources at their fingertips, both dialogue and continuous storyline videos. Filmed in Mexico, the internationally-acclaimed video series, presents a continuous story line and reinforces chapter grammar and vocabulary content. Developed with input from language teachers and school administrators, ELPAC assessments meet the highest standards for reliability while offering flexibility and ease in delivery. Roggenkamp has authored and co-authored many computer application textbooks for Paradigm Publishing, Inc. The more episodes that your students watch, the more enraptured they will become with the characters, the mystery and ultimately, learning the Spanish language.

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