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Email marketing experts recommend that you always ask your subscribers to "please add me to your address book" on your opt-in thank you pages and your welcome emails to prevent spam filters from blocking your emails.
MailChimp is taking that idea slightly further by including an "Add-to-Address-Book" link to your email campaigns and opt-in process. Whenever someone signs up for your list, they’re taken to your "Thank You" landing page. This contact information has embedded hCard microformat code around it, which basically makes it "readable" to browsers and plugins that recognize microformats, and can then "do" something with it (here’s an example of how Google Maps uses microformats).
The little orange icon links subscribers to your vCard (which we automatically create and host with every list you setup in MailChimp). We also add vCard attachments to your initial list opt-in welcome emails to make it easier to get into address books (but we don’t add them to your regular email marketing messages).
And we’ve taken the contact information that we automatically add to your email footers and embedded it with hCard microformat code (for every email message you send). But as more and more browsers and web apps support microformats, you’ll see all kinds of cool ways this technology can be used. So, this actually means when company sends email through ESP like Mailchimp they should ask to add to contacts the sender email not the from address.
Hi, is there a way to add a link ‘Add to address book’ with a dynamic link which automatically shows a pop up or an option in the respective email client? 1) Mailchimp inserts an “Add us to your Address Book” link (although without the icon) in the footer of our campaigns.

Could I copy the link to vcard that is generated in the footer of one of my test emails and paste that into the body of a new campaign.
Any progress on the translation and possibility to change the color of the “add to addressbook” link? When I tried to click on that link and to my contact list, I realized it was linked to a wrong email address.
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You plugged this contact information in when you created your MailChimp list, so there’s nothing extra you need to do. When they click the link, your subscribers are prompted to add the vCard to their default address book program (Apple’s Address Book, Outlook Addres Book, etc). There’s an interesting article over at Digital-Web about the potential of microformats (non-techies should just scroll down and start reading at the "Aggregators" section). But have you considered uploading your vCard to a server somewhere and linking to it from your template? Basically, some spam filters will whitelist all contacts in your address book, under the assumption that they are safe senders.
People have tried what you’re describing, but email apps change so frequently, it turns into a mess.
However if you use gmail (or another webmail system) to receive a campaign then it would update the Outlook address book, not the gmail contacts, which is what you need.

I would like to remove the footer link “add to my address book” Can i do this and how? We add this footer to help people who otherwise don’t totally know how to add all the international spam law compliance stuff. I am helping a client move their mailing list to Mailchimp and our first campaign is centred around getting the subscribers to update their preferences and to download the vCard. Just build your instructions, save the page to your site, and add the link to your MailChimp opt-in pages.
Aside from a little UI confusion on mail users, we haven’t seen this cause any deliverability issues.
We have an uphill battle because their previous service only kept email addresses not first name, last name or any other information.
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You have to download the vCard to your desktop, and then you get what you described — doubleclicking installs it into your desktop app, not Gmail.

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