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Participants will learn the power of presentation and how it lends to personal and professional credibility. Whether presenting one’s self to a prospective employer or addressing the department in a team meeting, our presentation of our self will have a great impact on how we are received. Participants will get the opportunity to present themselves and receive feedback and coaching in order to be more effective in their presentation of themselves.
The ability to communicate effectively is central to achieving business goals and maximizing results. No matter how brilliant and creative your ideas may be, you cannot lead others into helping manifest those ideas if you can't communicate well. If you have any queries, or need a quotation regarding your requirements, Please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!
Learning Path provides result oriented training specializing in instructor-led, performance enhancing training.
In today’s dynamic business environment, your people are your most valuable asset in achieving a competitive advantage.

We assist our clients in mastering their changing business environment by providing the highest quality of HR outsourcing, training and recruitment services through the expertise of a highly educated, reliable and experienced group of professional consultants and trainers. The Learning Path Team consisting of consultants, trainers, and analysts with sound education and vast experience will provide you with a host of Consulting services ranging from personal needs to professional needs, be it individual career development or organizational strategies.
For some time now I've had my eyes on a particular organisation in the hope of gaining their trust to convert them from a prospect to Client. Based on an existing contact who now works within this organisation, I was able to convince him to book time with a number of his senior managers to present my business.
In very little time John was able to construct my entire presentation, which greatly helped overcome my lacking confidence. In addition, John cut out a large number of PowerPoint Slides I had considered based on our organisations "standarda€Y approacha€Y.
Ultimately, during the presentation our organisation gained immediate commitment with this prospect to review 2 of their sites. In addition, I've already used EC's approach again at our recent "Safety Conferencea€Y, which had a great affect!

The will also receive the ‘how to’ in delivering not just a good, but an outstanding presentation.
I must admit, two weeks before the agreed presentation date, I was lacking in confidence predominantly based on the fact that our business needs to "raise the bara€Y in the business development area. Having met with John Rayner of EC, he asked the right questions to gain a clear commercial understanding of where my business was at plus, what needed to be achieved to ensure the upcoming presentation was successful. And the visual aids he designed were brief, specific and drove the key Points and Message home. This was what John and I set out to achieve when we first met because by gaining this commitment means we have a really good chance of selling the fullness of our services to this prospect.

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