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To figure out how long to make it if you want a different size you can measure your little girl from her waist to her knees or wherever you want the skirt to hit her and add 2-3 inches to compensate for the hem at the bottom and the elastic casing at the top and make that the width of your bottom fabric (as opposed to my 10 inches). To figure out how long to cut your fabric (as opposed to my 42 inches), measure her waist and then double it. When you have it just how you want it, sew the two ends of the elastic together and get it all nestled in your casing good. Then you go try it on your baby boy and hope he’s not scarred for life, but you have to try it on someone! Love your choice of fabrics and the little girl things are just so darn cute — keep them coming!
Well, I have a VERY old machine (40 years old) that I got at a thrift store as I am just starting out. Question: When you sew the two sides of the skirt together do you sew through the elastic too? I am new to sewing and wondering why you wouldnt do this more like the pjs -where the top is sewn and then you add the elastic at the end – vice doing the elastic then sewing the sides?
Mine fits about a 12 month size and is a total of 7 or 8 inches long when totally finished.

Then make the middle layer 2-3 inches smaller than that and the top layer 2-3 inches smaller than the middle.
You may have to piece some fabric together in order to get it long enough if you are sewing this for an older girl.
But I had some major, life threatening complications with the last so alas, I think we are done.
But when making the casing for the elastic turning the fabric under twice will avoid any freing.
My girls are older, but would certainly be easy enough to do with some fabrics they might choose on their own, and even help me sew.
Still, you should be able to get it through, you just have to pull and guide the fabric a little. I found some adorable fabric yesterday and decided to make this for my 10 month old daughter.
You need to add a couple of inches when you are cutting to account for the hem at the bottom of the skirt and the elastic casing at the top. It fits big now and because of the elastic will probably fit until fall at least (she’s on the small side).

My second layer is about 8 inches by 42 inches and my third layer is about 10 inches by 42 inches. I’ve only made one other simple skirt but it had me sew the side seam up first then make the casing. I only made the elastic casing out of the top layer and cut the other 2 layers shorted than just sewed them in with the casing. I am able to learn from my mistakes on this skirt and make the second skirt better (I hope!). I used a micro corduroy fabric so it was way too thick when I tried to press all 3 layers twice.

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