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September 27, 2011 By HumaRashid 3 Comments I couldn’t think of a clever way to say that this was another Keep It Simple post.
After all, what we’re trying to do is keep it simple with a small number of pieces, and use clean lines that create a sleek silhouette. Since this is a winter outfit, depending on where you are in the country, you’re either dealing with mountains of snow, or horrible sleet. These boots will protect you against snow and rain and wet socks, which is a plus, and can be easily cleaned off when that gross snow-and-salt mixture stains them. This particular sweater here is available in a ton of different colors, including red and purple.
Men wore electric colors, and bright green, and yellow – and there were even pink dress shirts!
And there we have another keeping-it-simple outfit, with clean lines, a minimalist feel, and a sleek silhouette, for just a little under $250.
Another French KISS ensemble idea should incorporate a piece of French Connection, a favorite designer of mine.
As a parisian personal stylist, I must say that I think this very simple outfit could look good but there is one mistake in it: the pants are quite wide (bootcut) and worn with high heels it will create a strange enlargement aroud the ankle and then get back tiny where to shoe stands.
Net-a-Porter’s latest e-magazine issue had a fun article about the unmistakable style of a French woman, and how to copy it.
But what Net-a-Porter fails to highlight (they mention it briefly) is that the main reason those French ladies look fabulous is because they’re usually super thin and gorgeous.
That said, it is possible to successfully capture Parisian style if you’re not a walking hanger.

The blazer doesn’t have to be high-end, but it does have to have structure and slim tailoring, preferably in both the body and arms. After you’ve got those points nailed down, you can add a leopard scarf and sleek shoe and be on your kickass French way. Welcome to my digital wardrobe filled with sweet temptations, likes, loves and inspirations. The French woman's style can be summed up as timeless elegance with a splash of joie de vivre, not to mention a nod to what you may .
I’m not advising that you buy the slimmest (ie, tightest) pants you can find and somehow stuff yourself in them.
He went to an English-medium (ie, British-style, where English was spoken instead of Urdu) school, and that’s why he sometimes uses British words and has a bit of a British accent when he says certain words. It was such a strange sight for him to see an American man walking down the street in a pale purple dress shirt, or a bright red polo.
Or if the pants is cut to be worn with and heel, you wont see the heel shape anymore which is sad considering how sexy the shoe is. Messy hair, rumpled tees, and painted-on jeans are only enhanced by a size 2 frame and enviable cheekbones. Pronounced shoulders by way of a structured, slightly padded blazer, and naked ankles by way of a cropped trouser and pump or ballet style shoe (where the tops of the feet show).
Instead, try any slim-leg pant, and finish by either rolling or hemming the leg to hit above the ankle.
Here you'll find looks, style tips, fashion finds, pretty little things from my closet and snapshots of everyday life.

Although, keep in mind, that if you think fifty degrees Fahrenheit is cold and horrible, that’s when we Chicagoans bust out the tank tops and shorts. Apparently, at that time, it was a very British thing for men to wear only certain colors: black, brown, navy, white, grey. Of course, naked ankle can be great to give the impression that you have slimmer or longer legs, but in my opinion, it’s not THE thing. I’m certainly not saying that if you want to dress like a French woman, you have to eschew all your bright colors.
Sure, now he owns polos in every color, and has at least two green dress shirts, but he’s had about forty, almost fifty years to acclimate to this wacky American culture. The sweater I had originally chosen was this great green cashmere one from BlueFly, but it was already sold out.
Our favorite colors are a great way of showing off our personality, and there’s no sense in removing that from our style. I did that with the jeans last time, and went for the same thing with these dress pants this time.

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