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Buy a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts — for yourself, for your office, whatever — and you’ll get 12 free Valentine cards to give out.
On February 14th, 2013, buy an entree, then share a kiss with a significant other, family member, friend, understanding stranger…maybe even a photo? Can you still get business cards for free from Vistaprint?free business cards designThere was a time not too long ago that you would have a few good options online for free business cards. People still continue to Google “free business cards” about 60,000 times each month, but they get more ads than actual results.The top handful of discount printing companies including Vistaprint offered from between 50 and 250 for free, but as you know, there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. These companies knew that offering business cards for free is a money-losing promotion, so there was always a catch of some sort.

Most of the time companies would double the actual cost of shipping to recoup their money, while others, including VistaPrint, would try to up-sell you with a number of offers and add-ons before you could complete your purchase.No such thing as a free lunch… or business cardsIn fact, the gas station down the road from me offers “free coffee” all day long, so you get the idea. It’s a nice little gimmick to get people in the door, but that’s not how they keep the lights on, and it’s not the quality of coffee I’d bring home to my wife.Anyway, discount printing companies figure that having your email address was worth something, and that a decent number of people would want to add something like matching address labels to their order from which they could make a few bucks.
However, if you use business cards as part of your personal or business marketing effort, you probably don’t want to be thought of as the guy with the cheap, free business cards.The difference in cost between 250 of their free business cards, and the 250 for $10 deal is only about 2 cents per card when you factor in shipping costs for the free ones.
The quality of the card, yes is not as good, but for people who want cheap and affordable business cards that they can throw around or pin them on some notice-board, that is a great option.Of course, if you want to have more professional looking business cards, vistaprint is not for you. Hopefully u can choose the low-cost “economy” speed shipping for a cheaper price though?

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