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What is the name of Stampy's special place to put fans and people he wants to say thanks to? Yes, but not for long, just the enough to know a bunch of important things about each other. We kiss like the world was ending tonight, passionatly, in the most romantic and sensual way as possible. Sometimes, we spend most of our time together and I think he doesn' t feels the need to go out with me.
Take our Does He Love Me Quiz and find out what he thinks of you.Take the does he really love me quiz and discover if his feelings are true. However, if you feel he treats you good and you feel truly loved without  a doubt, then more than likely you are.
The problem with trying to figure out if he loves you happens when a man is sending you mixed signals .

If you answered YES  to these questions then surely love is in the air.  So if you feel doubts, what could really be bothering you?
If you answered yes to all 11 questions, more than likely he really cares about you and loves you.
If you answered NO to these questions then Love is more than likely not in the air right now.  You have some soul searching to do girlfriend. If the majority of your questions were answered with a Yes, there’s a good chance you can try work things out.
Keep in mind whether you answered No or You had a mix of Yes and No in your love test above, you can’t make someone love you.
1) Does he predominantly express how he feels about you though physical or Does he love you? Are you harboring some damage from past relationships?  Do you have a problem trusting people?  Is your self -esteem low?

You’ll need to decide if what you answered NO to in the above test is an important factor to make you feel loved and appreciated in order to understand the direction you want to go in.
This has to come naturally from them and from their heart.  Should a man try to change simply to please you is not good enough. Sometimes we have to look at our selves to discover where the doubts or problems may be coming from, its not always him.
But it was working on the relationship and communication that got them to that loving place.

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