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If you want to know “What do men want in a relationship?” then I guess this article can answer the question.
Women have some criteria but men too have certain standards about what they want in a relationship with their partner.
Relationships are hard as it is so ladies try to follow this list and make your relationship with your man less stressful. All women have certain criteria when it comes to what they want in a relationship with men. Men don’t want a woman who will back stab him or play some silly games against him or anybody else. Lots of women now are too conscious in what they really want in a relationship and this brings them to ignore what do men want in a relationship. I know you don’t want your man to go along with whatever you say or do, you probably want a man who will voice his opinion and stand his ground as man should. Engage In Our Activities – Engage in activities that we enjoy and get to know the things we like. Laundry – women, if you are in relationship please take care of your men cause a man should never be asked to do laundry.
Learn How To Maintain Your Own Stuff – Learn how to maintain your own car and electronics without coming to us every time there is a mishap. Surprise Gifts – Ladies this is unfair and you know it, if we are in relationship it’s a two way street not one. Pay the Check Once in a While – it’s high time for ladies to take out their purses and pay for a change.

Engage In Our Activities -Engage in activities that we enjoy and get to know the things we like. This does not really mean that women must possess a perfect body, a beautiful blond hair, or perfect physical characteristics. Men want women who take care of herself, someone that can be fully trusted and someone who really knows how to love their men for who they are.
Sometimes, a man can’t take anymore dirty diapers or hearing you nag at him all the time. There’s nothing better than a woman who will sit down and watch the game with you or a woman who voluntarily picks up the second X-Box controller and joins in the video game madness. A man wants to marry a woman who can cook so that he can enjoy home cooked meal, takeaways should be once-in- awhile type thing.
When most men go shopping, they usually buy junk food and garbage because it’s convenient and easy to make. Most women are completely clueless and ignorant when it comes to maintaining their cars and electronics. How about you surprise us(men) with gifts once in awhile and you’ll see with time you’ll get use to it. If you are going to confront us on every comment or person we add as a friend then chances are you have mega trust issues.
Most men like their woman to look as sexy and elegant as possible, so invest in some good quality make up, and learn how to make yourself as beautiful as possible. Just because you have that monthly visitor, that doesn’t give you the right to treat everyone around you like dirt.

This means that women must show that she can take care of herself in several aspects of her life like physically or emotionally. Just because am a man, that does not make me an expert on the ins and outs of auto mechanics nor am I automaticallyqualified to help you. Men will NEVER answer truthfully to this question so there’s really no point in asking. They have certain standards that women should meet in order for him to fully commit in the relationship or at least remain committed. That she does take showers every day, combs her hair, and most importantly that she does truly care on her overall appearance. We know if we answer truthfully, there will be a 4 hour conversation that takes place after as to why we think that way. We would be more than happy to pay for a maid if it’s too much trouble for you to handle. But be warned though, men don’t want women who are conceited too much or overly conscious about the looks she has.

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