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First up, let’s set out the things that I like to wear - I like clothes that make me look like a French poet in the war, a lesbian in the war or a child in the war. This dress is from Zara, but it looks vintage which is nice and will get you lots of compliments on the train if you go up to people and tell them your dress is vintage, please don’t come near me and my vintage dress. So in my continual quest for not-shit summer clothes from the high street I recently found myself browsing the Zara website. I wore it out to my friend’s birthday AT A RESTAURANT on Saturday where it was well-received, and where I took the picture in the toilet. Bregards to Emily for making the 'Jenni4FashionNews’ logo, and for using that Gothic font I specifically requested. Act nice and caring while dressing like a popular person or you're sort of defeating the objecting of appearing popular. If people think you are being a fake even though you know inside yourself you really aren't-just give up being popular!

Welcome to Jenni4FashionNews - an exciting new feature on Gr7 which may or may not return depending on a lot of factors (mainly it will cost a lot of money to keep this item going and Emily refuses to give me any form of allowance). I ordered two sizes, M and L, and the large fitted much better - the M was much tighter and didn’t have any of the drapey-ness that attracted me to it in the first place.
Ask your parents for some spending money, and go with a friend who always has the best styles, and make them help you pick out some cute (for girls), and sporty (for guys). Observe the styles of the popular people at your school, and do your best to copy off of it!
And also in the war I’ve got a bit of money, maybe from doing a shadey deal with ration cards, maybe from going out with a rich American soldier. The fabric is really nice and has some good weight to it, so it falls nicely and doesn’t show up any wobbly bits.
Be yourself, and give nice compliments to everyone, even teachers, parents, and other adults.

And wouldn't you rather be on the normal level of social status than going to being that "fakey-fakey" loser that doesn't have anyone to sit with at lunch?
It is my PERSONAL opinion that for as long as ASOS offer their Premiere package (free next day delivery, free collection of returns) all other companies should consider doing the same. Other advantages of the ASOS Premiere package include the ability to order 8 items at a time, then return them all and structure your week waiting for the refund email. Remember people like individuality too, so don't follow these steps to the letter, put some of your style in it as well.

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