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So Bill Maher, a very liberal and outspoken talent who I’ve admired for many years, and up until a few weeks ago, the Prez could do no wrong in his eyes, pulled no punches and let his opinions role out of his head. Sharell Cook is an Australian woman who has apparently moved to India and married an indian man. No, you never make such a statement, because you are a man-hating western woman and you think women are above the law.
No men want to marry you worthless whores anymore and now you have to go to shithole 3rd world countries and marry low class indian men. If you know of any indian women who have made false cases or false 498s charges against their husbands, please submit the woman's name, her father's name, home address including city and state, and a short description of the case and we will be happy to list them on the CAF India page. If you want to actually be educated to the truth about feminism and how the governments have used feminism to enslave men, as well as the solution to how to become free from this tyranny? So I gather she is one of these hateful Australian shrews who could not get a man in Australia and has gone for a dupe in India.
It would also appear that she has decided that working for a living is too much like hard work so now she is a "blogger". I sure would like to talk to the husband and fill him in on the cultural background to Australian women and how much they HATE men. I sure would like to tell him that 100% of the women in the Australian parliament condone the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse.
This mans wife has not raised any objection to such crimes so this man might want to know that. The reason women are usually held responsible for failed relationships, especially marriages, is because they ARE responsible.
If you read this letter from my wife you will see that she takes 100% responsibility for the failure or HER relationship with me.
However, if you read her perjurous court documents that were submitted just six months later you will see she is LYING and claiming that I have been a BAD HUSBAND. Despite this IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE that my ex is a liar and committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse 100% of females in the Australian Federal Parliament condone these criminal acts. Women have declared mothers saints who can do no wrong and anyone who points out any different is HATED ON. John Rambo has also used a photo of me on your forum that is subject to copyright and which he does not have permission to use.
Perhaps you women might do better to talk about WOMEN and the crimes of WOMEN and let us men know what you are prepared to do about WOMEN who commit crimes rather than talk about MEN who commit crimes. One estimate in Australia places the number of men who kill themselves as the result of the criminal abuse of women wielding the family law courts at about 4,000 per year. And the most obvious evidence of this hatred is the fact that women AND MEN ALIKE expect men to tolerate criminal victimization by women. And are they worse than these false allegations being used to steal 95% of assets via the criminals in the courts? And are they worse than women who do not even know me calling me a wife beater and a paedophile?

What are you women going to do about women who openly slander a man by calling him a wife beater and a paedophile when they do not even know the man and have no evidence of such?
These three women were informed of the criminal activities of politicians and the legal fraternity and stayed silent despite being so widely published. By the way, in response to what you wrote to me in the forum post (scroll down to refer to link) about your situation in regards to your wife.
Please, could you now read my message below, and remove the slanderous post from your forum, for reasons that I refer to. Sharell, your credibility has been destroy by the THOUSANDS of women who have come before you.
If you do not like that this is the stereotype we now see women through then you might have taken issue with women like my wife who was CLEARLY the SOLE PARTY responsible for the destruction of our marriage by her LIES and STEALING MONEY and CHILD ABUSE. As far as I am concerned the only people John could possibly be said to have insulted are whores and prostitutes. Nevermind that some research even puts 30 percent of DV at WOMEN being physically violent against their MALE spouses.
She is just another low class hateful western woman who can't find a western man dumb enough to marry her, so she had to go marry some low class man from a shithole 3rd world country.
In the case of marriage TWO female researched, Shere Hite and Michelle Langley BOTH claim that their research shows women to be responsible for creating the divorce in more than 90% of cases. She has battled the SAME HATRED I have been subject to and she is a GRANDMOTHER denied access to her grandchild by her OWN DAUGHTER.
When are you going to write on your forum how when women claimed equality they also took on the responsibility of ensuring that women make the same remedy for a crime as a man does? I can not find any comments from you as the blog owner pointing out that women who abuse their husbands should also go to jail. Please she me what you have personally done to help men like me re-introduce the rule of law into your home country of Australia. If I said that I condoned and supported GANG RAPE of women by men and I openly condoned and supported and hid men I knew had taken part in GANG RAPE of women would you call me a “woman hater”?
In Australia divorce is FAR more traumatic for a man than a simple GANG RAPE is of a woman. Us men are aware that there is pervasive man hatred in Australia that is promoted by women AND MEN alike. As an Australian woman you have thrown away your credibility in this area by NOT talking about this. I recommend you talk to your fellow women in Australia and suggest they might like to join the CAF Australia womes site to create all womens courts and all women juries so that you women can put criminal women on trial and let us men know what you want us to do with criminal men who commit the SAME crime.
That he insults whores and prosititutes by comparing them to the general population of married Australian women is extremely insulting to the whores and prostitutes.
Are these comments, which you brand “extremely insulting” better or worse than, say, my wife making the false allegation that I cheater on her, the false allegation that I was violent in the home, the false allegation that I had abandoned my former children, the false allegation that I was a bad father?
That is the sort of CRAP I have had to put up with for FOUR YEARS from men and women alike.

How about you hold women ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CRIMINAL ACTIONS because our guvment is a criminal cartel in league with the judiciary and they are NOT holding women criminals accountable for crimes. Therefore, I guess western women and indian men are a fitting pair, since they are both the most disgusting types of people on earth.
In fact, John Rambo has been harassing me and posting insulting messages on my blog, and the blogs of my friends.
Do you have any reason why your blog is so sexist that when your members comment that men who abuse their husbands should go to jail there is silence as to what women say about women who abuse their husbands?
Since you come from Australia you will know MANY men who have been criminally victimized in the family law courts. After all, a woman who has been GANG RAPED is no more likely to commit suicide than the next woman. Or, are you, like all the OTHER women we talk to going to claim it is none of your business that women commit crimes and you have no obligations to ensure women criminals are brought to justice. But when I ask them if they will sit on an all woman jury in an all women court and give me a path to justice then they ATTACK ME as a WOMAN HATER. Then I suggest that you and your fellow women set about changing the HATRED OF WOMEN TOWARDS MEN. She was also caught sleeping over at someone elses place soon after divorce and there is also evidence she was a prostitute as well. When are you going to call for all women who are abusive to their husbands should be jailed? What is your opinion of what should happen to women who commit violence against their husbands. Indeed, if you look at my case you will see that my wife committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse.
Australian wives do not make it clear that they like to screw men over in the courts for money up front. Ask Julia Gillard who has allowed the funding of ASIO agents to slander me left right and center across  the web.
Women researchers have claimed that 90% of marriage destruction is the SOLE result of the WOMANS actions. You can also see that ALL WOMEN in BOTH HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT in Australia support and condone criminal activities by women against men. So, I can fully understand your desire to no longer be in a western country or have a relationship with a white woman. It sounds like you have found happiness with eastern European woman, and I'm truly  happy to hear that. The FACT that 99.9% of western women openly support and condone criminal acts by women against men.

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