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Slatina is the capital city of Olt County that has 70A 293 inhabitants, as registered in the October 2011 census on population and housing units. Archaeological findings attest to the existence of humans in this realm as far back as the Palaeolithic.
The first records of the city date back to January 20, 1368, when Slatina was mentioned as a customs hub under a trade privilege granted by Vladislav I Vlaicu (1364-1377) to Brasov traders.
In 1552, Voivode Radu de la Afumati (a multiple-time ruler between 1522-1529) defeated the Ottomans in Slatina, while under ruler Vlad Vintila (1532-1535), the city gained in political significance and was made into a princely residence. In the 1821 Revolution, chief Tudor Vladimirescu stopped over, March 6a€”10, in Slatina, where he met famous outlaw Iancu Jianu. The locals of Slatina also played an active part in the 1848 Revolution, the January 24, 1859 Union of Moldavia and Wallachia, the 1877-1878 Independence War, the peasants revolt of 1907, the 1918 Greater Union, WWI and WWII.
In the second half of the 20th century, especially after 1960, the town witnessed strong industrialisation, as production facilities were commissioned that turned the city into an important hub of non-ferrous metallurgy, the most important of which was the Aluminium Enterprise, today's ALRO Slatina ranking among the leading aluminium makers of Central and Eastern Europe.

All the information published on this website by AGERPRES is protected by relevant legal dispositions. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, recompile, decompile, distribute, publish, display, modify, create derived components or products or full services, as well as any exploitation of the site's content. A traditional political and administrative centre, the city is located at the intersection of the Cotmeana Plateau (the Gaetic Piedmont) and the Boianului Plains, in the Olt Valley, at 135 m altitude. In the today's perimeter of the city, human settlement traces have been unearthed dating back to the Neolithic, as well as vestiges from the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, the Gaeto-Dacian period, the Dacian-Roman period and of the invading peoples.

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