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How to PlayClick the green button to start and enter the correct answers belowDeath Parade is an amazing anime that I would highly recommend.
It might sound like that scene in a sci-fi movie when the robot goes crazy and kills its own inventor, but the fact is that inventors have fallen prey to their own creations for hundreds of years. Whata€™s the name of the nuclear device physicist Harry Daghlian was working on when he received a lethal dose of radiation in 1945? William Bullock's leg was caught and crushed in the rotary printing press machine he invented and he died as a result of the gangrene that infected the wound. Reichlet, who was known as The Flying Tailor, leaped to his death from the top of the Eiffel Tower in 1912 when a special suit he had created to break his fall failed to work.
After first four stages, having your nose, hand and foot cut off, then being castrated, the fifth and final phase was being cut in half. More than 100, including one for the invention of ethyl gasoline that combated engine knock. What invention collapsed around its inventor, Henry Winstanley, in 1703, leading to his death? Henry Winstanley was making repairs at the Eddystone Lighthouse he'd built in Plymouth, England when a fierce storm caused the structure to collapse around him. Heselden had just purchased the Segway company in 2010 when he accidentally drove one off a cliff at his estate in England, killing him.
Valier was working on a liquid oxygen-gasoline fueled rocket motor when it exploded, sending shrapnel flying. What was the name of the high-speed railcar powered by a jet engine that killed its inventor, Valerian Abakovsky?

William Nelson was testing his motorized bicycle for General Electric when he fell off and died at the tragically young age of 24. Lilienthal was a German civil engineer who became known as The Glider King because he pioneered the science of wing aerodynamics that contributed to the eventual success of the Wright Brothers. Where was Aurel Vlaicu heading when the airplane he invented lost its wings and caused his death? Vlaicu was a Romanian mechanical engineer, airplane builder and pilot who constructed several successful aircraft. What kind of car did Henry Smolinski attach airplane wings to in an effort to make a flying car? What medical treatment ended the life of scientist Alexander Bogdanov after he spent his life doing pioneering work on it? Although the exact cause of the Russian scientist's death in 1928 is still debated, it is largely agreed that it was due to a blood transfusion of either incompatible or disease-infected blood. What project was Louis Slotin working on when he was exposed to the amount of radiation equivalent to standing 4,800 feet away from an atomic bomb explosion? While working on The Manhattan Project, Slotin accidentally dropped a sphere of beryllium onto another one but shielded the resultant radiation with his body, thus protecting the other scientists in the room. Take this quick quiz to see how much you know about inventors who were killed by their own work. The assemblage went super critical when Daghlian dropped a tungsten carbide brick on a core of plutonium. But it was his rotary press, which for the first time fed a printing press with a roll of paper rather than individual sheets, that truly made him famous.

As a result of his transgression, Li Si was subjected to the same vicious method of torture and death he had invented.
Dacre's goal was to make an aircraft that could land in urban areas thanks to a reduced need for a long runway.
In 1944 at the age of 55, he became entangled and was strangulated by the ropes of the system.
It was designed to carry Russian officials and derailed on a return trip to Moscow in 1921, killing everyone on board.
However he had the bad habit of tasting his findings and it is theorized that he died from heavy-metal poisoning in 1786. Oh my gosh, would someone turn a stinkin' light on!?” If you're anything like us, it's impossible to watch a scary movie without yelling at the characters. Daughlian removed the brick and prevented an explosion, but died 28 days later from radiation poisoning.
Valier's work with rockets eventually formed the foundation for NASA's Saturn V program, which led to the first American on the moon.
Silly teenagers will purposely summon a demonic spirit, then wonder why all their friends are suddenly found with their eyeballs sucked out.

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