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Despite its repeated assurances that it cares deeply—deeply!—about user privacy, Tinder doesn’t actually do that much to ensure users are who they say are. So when Kristin Shotwell, a 21-year-old student at University of North Carolina, discovered that her photos were posted on a fake profile for a Tinder user named “Kim,” what’s surprising is not so much that her identity was compromised, but that this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often in the first place. According to a post on her blog, Shotwell first discovered her photos were being used for a fake Tinder profile when her friends returned from a trip from Athens, Ga. It wasn’t until later that “the idea of someone posing as me on the Internet, let alone a dating site, began to really creep me out.” Because users can only access Tinder through their Facebook accounts, Kim must have set up a fake Facebook profile using Shotwell’s photos to access the app. Because Kim is located within an 80-mile radius of Athens, Ga., and Shotwell is based in North Carolina, unfortunately Shotwell can’t try to find Kim on Tinder, because the app only lets you browse users by location. This is not the first time someone has discovered their photos have been featured on a fake dating website profile. Nearly four decades ago, the Zodiac Killer terrorized the Bay Area, taunting newspaper readers with coded clues to his identity.
Grab some of the food storage solutions, and you’ll save even more money when less food is put to waste. This way, you will see the pictures and the interests of others, and can qualify if your interest or not. This entry was posted in App Tinder and tagged app dating, create an account tinder, download Tinder, tinder app, using Tinder on February 4, 2014 by G.
Another way is to download the application through the application market your mobile phone.
This entry was posted in App Tinder and tagged app tinder, datting app, download Tinder, tinder on February 4, 2014 by G.
To start using the application dating Tinder you must install the application on your iPhone or Android mobile phone . It is important that before you start to qualify people , set your profile as it depends on your profile that other people what you qualify as positive or negative ….

For this you must enter the options and select which photos you want to display on your profile , up to 6 photos . Then enter your search options , if you want to find men or women, and how far you are willing to meet people .
This entry was posted in App Tinder and tagged dating app tinder, dating on tinder, dating tinder, tinder app dating, tinder dating, tinder dating app on February 4, 2014 by G. The app’s “Health Safety” page encourages sexually active people to maintain a current understanding of their statuses regarding sexually transmitted diseases.
Tinder’s new health safety page gives other tips for beginning new relationships, such as using consistent protection, being open and honest, and vaccinate. The new service acts as Tinder’s latest and last move in a yearlong battle with the Los Angeles-based AIDS Health Foundation.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does recognize a rise in STDs, especially in three prominent ones: chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. The CDC reports that there are about 20 million new cases of STDs each year in the United States, and about half of these are in people between the ages of 15 and 24.
With that figure in mind, freshman Julian Figueroa said that the Healthvana locator would still be “helpful for anyone” who is sexually active.
An estimated 50 million Tinder users collectively swipe left or right over one billion times every single day. Basically, all you have to do to prove your identity is log in through Facebook, select a few photos for your profile, and start swiping.
Her friend said that while she was there, she found a girl named Kim on Tinder who was using Shotwell’s photos.
So she’s calling on people to share her blog post and search for Kim’s profile, so she can confront her on Facebook. Just last week, it was reported that the app was flooded with spambots, or fake profiles promoting the mobile game Castle Clash.

The Tinder app lets you find people who are within a certain radius of where you are located. Tinder arises as an evolution of dating sites, in a very effective way allows it to people who are close to where you are. It says that “regular testing” is critical for staying healthy and preventing the spread of STDs. Last fall the group launched an ad campaign linking Tinder to a dramatic increase in the spread of STDs.
Business Insider reported that 38 percent of Tinder users are between the ages of 16 and 24 and 45 percent of Tinder users are between the ages of 25 and 34, amounting an overwhelming 83 percent of users ages 34 or younger. You can see the profile pictures of people and their interests, and then qualify YES or NO. Tinder take your public profile and photos and share your interests with others within the radius of Tinder away near where your you are. On the page, Tinder provides a link to Healthvana’s free HIV and STD-testing site locator to show local “free, quick and confidential testing options.” This could help users stay informed about their own statuses and be able to communicate about it with their partners. But only with the introduction of the new health safety page has the AIDS Health Foundation decided to end its campaign, which was focused in Los Angeles and New York City. The organization has started removing billboards connecting Tinder with chlamydia and gonorrhea, according to NBC.

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