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For all its convolutional neural networking, Blinq is trying to make its dating app seem as IRL-like as possible. Chefs ranked just ahead of private pilots, the military and firemen in the dating site’s list of sexiest uniformed professions. TechCrunch reports that Swiss dating app Blinq launched the site last week, and it drew more than 2 million unique views in its first two days. Co-founder Jan Berchtold claims the company took more than 100,000 photos, including celebrity images, and more than 20 million responses into account.

Its allure is manifest: Why leave the critical question of sex appeal up to human error on Hot or Not when a purely objective, infallible computer algorithm can offer a definitive answer?
A colleague suggests that, since my specs are see-through, the computer might not be able to tell whether they’re a cute accessory or an abnormal facial protrusion. But one of the things that makes dating apps so not like meeting someone in real life is the photos, which are often unrepresentative of how a user actually looks and which can’t take mitigating factors like bad breath or adorable laughs into account. In the future, Blinq plans to use the algorithm to help users choose the best of several photos they upload.

Outsourcing a photo decision to a computer would only make the dating app more of a futile fantasy.

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