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During a recent study, researchers found that women with a glam look although attract men more easily, men usually don’t trust them. Maybe he should have added an off the scale feature for Red Heads, like venturing off in a different dimension. I don't trust glamorous women and I trust well-dressed men, but not the metrosexual type. Despite minor bickering, hair tugging and prior childhood jealousy (usually over the silliest things), there really is no better friend than a sister. However, the findings of the study are suggesting that women find well-groomed men more reliable.

A well groomed man is more likely to pay attention to small details that can prove advantageous to his career and that he would be more likely to remember dates and appropriate gifts. And any man willing to risk his life (and lets be honest, any redhead is a risk to ones life) will be rewarded in ways that cannot easily be explained to one who never experienced it for themselvs.
These findings have made the already complicated world of online dating even more complicated.
A while back on a thread there were a few of us that had either dated or married one of those, discussing it. They harbor your deepest and darkest secrets and if they’re nice enough, at times, they’ll let you borrow that skirt or that floral dress that you have been admiring in their closet.

The said study was conducted for finding out how people judge each other based on their profile pictures in dating sites; the team of researchers in charge of the study was carrying out the process at the University of Connecticut.
During the course of the study, researchers showed any one of four dating profile photos, enhanced or casual, of the same man or woman to over 650 volunteers arranged in an opposite sex condition.

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