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With effort, attention to detail, and good branding, you can effectively target your audience, your brand will be well received, and you will be on your way from online dating into an offline relationship.
My remark wasn’t sexual, more poking fun at the obvious lack of sophistication in the former Soviet state. Hating your job, dissing your ex, or complaining about your roommate’s dog are surefire ways to sit home alone on Saturday night. If you have certain must-have qualities, like a religious affiliation or a love of horses, target your preferred audience through specialty dating sites. To protect the innocent men who contact me – and maintain privacy for myself – the site I frequent shall remain unnamed.

With enough time to develop metrics and scoring systems, you can turn it into an exact science. But let’s face it, people turn to online dating to achieve their romantic goals, not to keep stats. I have two friends who give me feedback on everything from new photos to my profile content.
I may “lol” with the best of them when texting, but it’s not the way to make a first impression. They help me look and sound my best online by telling me what does and doesn’t represent my brand.

The next Mozart or Katy Perry?  Play up your best qualities.  I’m an intelligent, well-educated professional, rather creative in the kitchen, and according to my boss, very easy-going (really, just ask him!).

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