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So obsessed are we with the bragging rights and the ego boost that come from her agreeing to see us again that we skip the part where we ask ourselves if she’s really earned a callback. If you have invited some girl to join you somewhere, it seems pretty obvious to me that you better step up and handle the bill.
If I'm out with an entitled girl who treats others around us poorly, I'm looking for the door.
So if you’re on the lower end of the income meter, choose something a little more modest, because the waiter is dropping that bill on your side of the table.
And you’re paying, because, progress in sexual roles aside, men still need to step up and own that part.
A date that makes the waiter feel nervous or lesser than us makes me feel like I need to double the tip out of guilt — and rudeness is not a trait you can really change in a person.

I know it seems like a circular argument, but a girl who doesn’t even look at the bill when it comes is coming from a vastly different place than a girl who makes an offer. She is allowed to tell her friends you’re a complete jerk if you let her pay, but you are entitled to the common courtesy of her offer. The fact is, this part is less about her sending you a signal of her appreciation of your gesture, and more about her basic perception of relationship dynamics and even the way money factors into it.
Too many times I've seen guys planning the second date before they even consider if she deserves another shot.
There are dating etiquette rules, and for me, if this one gets missed, things are off to a rocky start. We have to remember that these first dates are as much about us learning about her as they are about worrying if we are getting it right.

I can even recall a time when I didn’t call my date out on some borderline racist comments merely because the prospect of sex was on the table.
With that in mind, here are five big deal breakers that separate the girls who deserve to go home with you and those who don't.

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