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If five horizontal sedimentary strata are exposed in a cliff face or canyon wall, choose all that apply. The bed directly in the middle (third from the top) is older than the beds just above the bottom and just below the top. The beds on the bottom and directly in the middle (third from the top) are older than the bed just below the one at the top. Applying the principles of relative dating, place the materials, etc., indicated with letters on the diagram in correct chronological order, where object 1 is the oldest, then object 2, and so forth. For each item below, use the pull-down menu to select the letter that labels the correct part of the image.
William Smith’s important contributions to geology are many, but perhaps his greatest discovery more than 200 years ago is how to use fossils and strata together to piece together Earth history. Some strata have certain fossils that others do not, allowing a connection to be made from place to place.

Some strata have common fossils that others share, allowing no obvious connection to be made from place to place. Based upon Smith’s work with layers of rock in canals, he and later workers developed the principle of fossil succession. Smith discovered fossils in sedimentary rocks, allowing connections to be made from place to place. Why is correlation of rock layers so important to understanding Earth history, AND the development of a geologic time scale? It is well known that sedimentary rocks have formed at the same time all around the planet, therefore we already know that they match up across the planet. Rock layers cannot be correlated for more than a few thousand meters of horizontal distance, but we may use those data to understand how the rock cycle may be involved in tectonics.
The correlation of rock layers allows geologists to determine numerical ages of those layers based upon their density, thickness, and size.

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