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You see, if you know what YOU want, what YOU like, what YOU want to do or not do, then it’s easier to find someone similar. Teen: With budget cuts, Junior High and High Schools have lost much of their extra-curricular budgets.
Young Adult: This age group is socially driven and connected to specific retail, food and entertainment venues.
Now that we’ve established that YOU are the Expert, and we’ve covered a tiny bit of the basics, and given you ideas about who to contact…next week we will discuss the Event. Personal data of nearly 70,000 OKCupid users has been leaked a€“ not by hackers, but researchers. These questions include things like whether they ever do drugs, if they like being tied up during sex and of course one that caused quite a stir this month, if they feel the world would be better place if people with low IQs were not allowed to reproduce.The information scraped about the sitea€™s members included username, age, gender, religious astrology, number of photos and more a€“ a total of 36 variables. In order to obtain datasets on the 70,000 users, Kikegaard and his colleagues a€?convinced a friend to write a scrapera€™, but OkCupid has since change the site around and it no longer works.
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What do the relationship experts say is the key to finding your perfect mate?  Knowing yourself! An online dating profile includes pictures of course, but it also includes a written profile that is supposed to explain a little about who you are, and who you’re looking for.
If a senior community has a central recreation center, then it becomes a candidate for a fun and entertaining health presentation.
He made a career change in 2003, returning to complete his Masters degree in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University. Focusing your efforts further by gender, lifestyle or income demographic will save you money and generate more patients than the ‘shotgun’ approach most people take.
Most senior facilities have an activities director that will happily schedule you for a presentation.
I’ve made a short list of questions for you to consider that will help you determine the kind of patients you and your practice naturally attract. Offer to conduct free initial health screenings for the students, parents and staff and you’ll donate $30 after each follow-up exam in your office.

There are civic events, health fairs, trade shows, store openings, neighborhood fairs, Parks & Recreation events, fitness center member-appreciation days, races, marathons, fun runs, Co-Op marketing opportunities, and speaking opportunities (Lions, VFW, Chamber of Com, Women’s clubs, etc).
They’ll be motivated to schedule an exam with you, and you’ll get them into your office for an initial exam! As long as you add value and don’t compete with the store, they’re often willing to work with you! Remember, you’re not just appealing to the older adult, but also to their children and grandchildren.

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